What is a wereboar?

what is a wereboarA wereboar is a human that can transform into a boar (a male swine – aka male pig). They typically have the general appearance of a boar (boar head with tusks, boar feet, boar hands, and bristly hair all over their bodies), but they walk on two legs like a human would. Like a werewolf, the full moon greatly influences when a wereboar transforms – he or she will typically transform during the night of a full moon. Also somewhat similar to a werewolf, a scratch or a bite can infect victims and also cause them to become wereboars themselves.

Would you want to be a wereboar?

The simple answer to this is: No. If you could choose between being any werecreature, the wereboar would probably not be top of the list of creatures you should choose. The main reason is their temper – wereboars are said to be very easily angered with short fuses. They’re also wild, rash, and stubborn. This combination of traits makes them not only a creature you would not want to be, but also a creature that you would never want to meet. They are aggressive and considered very dangerous when in their transformed state.

What do you do if you’re face to face with a wereboar?

Wereboars live in large family groups, so if you encounter one, be prepared that there could be a whole sounder (group) of them nearby. Your best bet when face to face with a transformed wereboar that is in his/her transformed state is to prepare to defend yourself – the likelihood that they will attack – even if unprovoked – is fairly high. You might have a little more chance with a wereboar that is still in human form – if you encounter one in this state, simply turn around and walk away – they probably won’t follow you or bother you if you are quickly out of their territory.



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