What is a werewolf hunter?

A werewolf hunter is a being who hunts werewolves. Typically a werewolf hunter not only hunts werewolves, but also hunts vampires. Werewolf hunters are very difficult to find, and it is almost impossible to convince someone without a deep-seated dislike for the species to willingly hunt werewolves (as werewolves are extremely powerful creatures). The percentage of werewolf hunters who are actual hired hands is therefore very very small. Typically the werewolf hunter has had some kind of a bad experience with werewolves (or vampires) and so uses that to fuel his dislike of the species.



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1,596 Responses

  1. Vulkan says:

    how is everyone

  2. Lone Wolf/Panther says:

    hello jenna

  3. Jenna says:

    hi panther

  4. Lone Wolf/Panther says:


  5. V盲rl么c says:

    To Lone Wolf/Panther:

    I’m sorry about yesterday. My phone battery is dead and I’m gonna try to get a new one today.

    Due to my cold, I may not be on today. I’m on my church’s wireless, so I’m under the gun. Just thought you should know that, and that i love you. I yearn for you every moment i’m away from you, even if it’s a few feet. Next to God, you and malak are most important to me.

    Take care, my love

    p.s. You can respond if you want. I’ll try to see it or respond today. Love ya lots!!! 馃檪

  6. V盲rl么c says:

    To my love:

    I must make this short. I may not be on today for 2 reasons…

    1: My cold is worse
    2: I need a new battery for my phone.

    I love you too much for words. Tell Malak that daddy loves him. I hope to see you soon, my lover.

    Sincerely and with a lot of love,

    p.s. Pray for me. This cold is something else. lol 馃檪

  7. ireallyluvwerewolves says:

    werewolf hunters dont excist. there just there to scare werewolves.
    now theres people who look for werewolves, but they never find us.
    in less theres like a really retarted werewolf that reveals us, then we are scrude.

  8. V盲rl么c says:

    Werewolf hunters DO exist. Trust me, my Biology teacher is a retired one, 3 of my distant cousins are werewolf hunters, and I was one myself. I have the skin of one of my biggest kills still hanging on my wall. I know others personally, but they leave me alone because they know me and what I am…

  9. Lupis de Regis says:

    Intriguing, a human who claims to have survived after encountering one of my brethren….Thy must be a most formidable foe. I believe that I myself may have found something to relieve me of my boredom. Wash your neck thoroughly. Joking!!…or am I?

    The hunter always becomes the hunted.

  10. Liza says:

    i know a person that is a werewolf and i am not saying.

  11. Lycanhope says:

    “What is a werewolf hunter?” A myth, no such thing.

  12. E says:

    i dont understand why u would want to hunt werewolves in teh first place. makes no sense and pretty much an autoatic loss

  13. E says:

    wow im tired… by u i ment anyone and i ment the not teh

  14. Emberi adoff-mirus says:

    @ lycanhope
    you have to remember that whether a creature is predator or prey, something else will eventually hunt it

  15. Lycanhope says:

    @Emberi: Only if the world recognises their existence, which it doesn’t. And only when it’s a legal animal to hunt, and as we’re human, that would make werewolf hunters serial killers.

  16. Emberi adoff-mirus says:

    fair enough, you win the argument

  17. Emberi adoff-mirus says:

    @ lycanhope
    by the way, are you someone who is knowledgeable In the field of cryptozoology and myths and legends

  18. Lycanhope says:

    @Emberi: Nope, but being of lupine nature I know a thing or two.

  19. Emberi adoff-mirus says:

    @ lycanhope
    a couple months ago I became intrigued with the subject of lycanthropy, but unfortunately within the first week or two the various facts I was looking up started to become stale and old news because I had read them all already, yet I hungered for more information, you see I am a person not with the lust of money or power, but one for knowledge. so I would like to ask you if you have any information that I probably haven’t heard ( like the different signs and symptoms of becoming a lycanthrope, the information I have already found is quite varied )

  20. Lycanhope says:

    @Emberi: Ok, ask away. Do you have an email address?

  21. Emberi adoff-mirus says:

    I do indeed have one, but I would rather have our q&a on this website that is criticism free and neither of us have to put our emails onto a chat room where most anyone could find it ( not to offend, but on occasion I can be mildly paranoid )

  22. Lycanhope says:

    Actually, it’s more for my benefit. When a topic gets too large I can’t load it on my phone. You can always email me though, it’s just my name with a dot between lycan and hope, at hotmail dot com. I used to be paranoid too, it’s anoying isn’t it? lol.

  23. Emberi adoff-mirus says:

    you have a good point my email is riedlmax1234 at yahoo . com, and being paranoid is indeed aggravating, one time, after watching aliens vs predator for the first time, childish as it may seem, I had to scan the floor of my room, searching for a nonexistent face grabber, me and my irrational fears類

  24. nn456 says:

    believe it or not im training to become one and if ur wondering why its becuz my bestfriends ex killed her and now i have to get my revenge i dont need ppl to tell me who and where they are i can find them myself its just a matter of weeks now b4 i begin to start hunting werewolves down 1 by 1 be carefull you nvr know when ur time is up

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