what is phrogging?! If you can sneak into a house, you can phrog!

From the urban dictionary what is phrogging?! Who invented phroggin? I have no idea who invented phrogging, a person with too much time and not enough money maybe..who knows.. Phrogging?! Phrogging is when a person lives in another persons home without that person knowing that they are even staying there! Basically, you would have to sneak into a house that other people are living in and stay there without being caught. A person can phrog to another’s house, stay there without the owner knowing and then move on and sneak into another! phrogging…
I cant believe that somebody could even be able to pull this off! Wouldn’t you know if you had somebody else living with you? Crazy.



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5 Responses

  1. stun says:

    You two white girls should come to NYC and try that stuff up here.You won’t end up with a documentary but with an obittuary.
    If you were black or hispanic your documentary would be confiscated and your butt would be in jail. But you are white and think you are right. I Oprah is wise enough to ignore you and your parents disown you for a year. There is no excuse or reason for what folk like you to do what you do. A college education make you smart enough to sneak and admit to being lazy. You both are a waste of classroom time and attention.

  2. lonewolf123 says:

    Wait, are you talking to buddy and werewolf967, stun? and if u think ur oprah, youre not. youre a [email protected]… SO STOP BEING RUDE AND RACIST. and, btw, oprah is not racist. R.I.P. oprah. Retire In Peace. xD

  3. she wolf says:

    Well, Those two were like my schoolmates 3 years ago where their b******t knowledge ends up in jail because of this “phrogging”. when I heard that, I just said “those two were idiots”.

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