What is the howler?

The Howler is a creature that is surrounded by alot of controversy.  You may be more familiar with this creature  by the name Ozark Howler or Ozark Black Howler. Both of these names are often shortened to just “Howler”.  It is said that the Howler is a huge bear-sized creature that is known for it’s howl-like screams. It is said to have long, black hair, and horns. Sometimes, and often, it is said to look like a huge dark-colored cat. It is also said that the Howler lives in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.


There is considerable controversy around the Howler, which all stems around the origins and true existence of the so-called Howler…there are some researchers that say that the Howler is not a myth or a legend or even a real creature, but rather it is a hoax started by a university student.

So, is it a Hoax?
The hoax part comes into play because a cryptozoologist claims that he determined that reports of the supposed Howler were actually made up by a university student who wanted to have some fun at the expense of the crytozoologist community. What makes it so hard to determine whether or not this is true and if the “Howler” is indeed a hoax is that there have been actual sightings of the creature – both before and since the story was supposedly made up. It’s hard to say if the “sightings” that have been reported are actually sightings of some other type of creature that lives in the area. This is however the theory that many believe in.

In short, there remain little consensus on what to make out of the Howler.   However, the most accepted theory is that the Howler sightings are actually sightings of an “Alien Big Cat” (aka ABC). The Alien Big Cat (sometimes called a Phantom Cat) is a feline such as a jaguar or a panther or a cougar. What would a jaguar or a panther be doing living in a place such as Texas or Oklahoma (where they are not native?)…. well, good question!  That is why they are called Alien Big Cats!




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  1. she wolf says:

    God! It’s like on a thursday afternoon that I spread a classroom scare that on the room 401 has a ghost living inside it since it have’nt been use for 5 or more years.

    A month later 3 students (no, not my classmate they’re from another section) entered the room at 6:00 pm testing if what they heard from me was true. They made unnecessary noises and a moment later the chair began to move on its own!

    Then several followed, until all chairs fly all over the room. All of them freak out and run downstairs screaming like its the end.

    Tomorrow morning, their advisory teacher told us not to enter the the room again since what happened yesterday. I was also scolded for spreading a scare like that.

    I”ll never forget what happened at that day. I just told it that way since I’m not involved at that event.

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