What it’s like inside Dracula’s Castle!

Located in Romania, the real-life castle of “dracula” is available to visitors! The castle, known as Bran Castle, is credited as the castle that novelist Bram Stoker based dracula’s home on in his novel. It is a wonderfully gothic spooky castle which reaches above the trees of the Transylvanian border.

It is believed that Vlad the Impaler (who most historical accounts refer to as the inspiration for the vampire dracula) may have stayed briefly at Bran Castle or traveled through it at some point, though it is worth mentioning he is not credited as ever having specifically lived at Bran Castle.

Irregardless of this fact, Bran Castle has become a major Transylvanian tourist destination because of it’s vampiric association! The castle from a distance is everything you could hope for in dracula’s castle, however when you tour the inside, you’ll find a well-lit, well-manicured museum with only a hint of spookiness. Is it still worth a visit? Absolutely! But it may be a bit different from what you imagine…

Check out the first video below for what it’s like at Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle) which is open to visitors. The second video below steps away from Bran Castle and retraces some of the steps of the actual Vlad the Impaler and is a little closer to the spooky Transylvanian vampiric visit you may be imagining…



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