What it is like to be kissed by a werewolf

what kissing a werewolf feels likeBeing kissed by a werewolf is intense and passionate. It is something that once experienced, is hard to match again with a kiss from a normal human.

A werewolf’s kiss is less constrained and more fiercely honest than a human’s kiss, and as a result it’s often full of deep emotions….and the kiss often feels that way – raw and honest. A werewolf’s kiss can make a person feel like they are the only person that matters. It can make a person feel warm, loved, and scared at it’s intensity all at the same time.

When a werewolf is interested enough in someone to kiss them, they are often connected to that person on a level that’s much more intense than a human would experience. They are in tune with that person’s feelings and emotions, with much the same intensity that they are in tune with the natural world around them. This connection is hard for a human to ignore – although they may only be aware of it on a subconscious level.  As a result however, with just one kiss, a werewolf can completely and effectively capture the heart of a human, in a way that’s almost impossible to overcome.  The human will feel almost spellbound with its effect, which can be quite long-lasting.  The power of the kiss is effective whether or not the werewolf is in human form, although generally most werewolves do tend to kiss while in human form.



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57 Responses

  1. Tia says:

    @Gabriel: Not to be mean but can you not mention Zak’s name again? Plz I’m not going to be talking about him ever again. And anyway I think he was only joking about all that stuff. I wish I never meet Zak. 🙁

  2. wolf allen says:

    So were did you see Luna? I just remember she whisper something into my ear she sad in the dream you will became a werewolf but it never happen yet its been 2 years since I’ve had that dream and I Still remember it like it happened but it did not but I can’t get that off my mind

  3. wolf allen says:

    So were did you see Luna? I just remember she whisper something into my ear she sad in the dream you will became a werewolf but it never happen yet its been 2 years since I’ve had that dream and I Still remember it like it happened but it did not but I can’t get that off my mind I still wornder if she is real or not I have a gift somtimes I dream stuff and it comes true ween I wes little I could see spirits

  4. Gabriel says:

    @wolf allen: sorry but I find it odd you have a blended story of three other people on here, first Titan with Luna, next me (and I think Tia sometimes) with the dreams, and Mary with the ghosts. Just curious.

  5. wolf allen says:

    Its just Luna IM looking for forgive my bad spelling IM not to good with my phone

  6. wolf allen says:

    You sad you seen luna where and ween IM just won’t to know @Titan

  7. Wolfhunter nyc says:

    Okay… This is really freaking me out guess its time to come clean… I was on this site for quite a while reading through it trying to find various locations of were all you diffrent werewolves were at so my father could warn his other hunter members around the world and tell them were you all are… If you ever were walking on the street alone or in the woods alone and saw someone suspticou behind you are near youor heard something it was very most likely a hunter… Anyways i come from a long line family of werewolf hunters my family has been hunting for centurys personally i never knew i was a hunter i found out when i was 10 none of my family told me i just found out cause i overheard my parents talking and saw my dads weapons and i personally didnt see but i heard him kill a werewolf… I have been training for quite some time on how to hunt you guys im still getting taught by my father on how to hunt i have caughten 15 werewolves so far ive killed 5 and the rest i let go and wait for to right time wich is stupid i know my dad thinks i kill all of them but i dont im kinda soft at times but im workibg on it anyways my dad bought me a new bow and arrow and we went huntiing on halloween night it was a half moon not a full but most wolves tend to come out during halloween in ny so i saw one he came running at me there were two me and my dad split up and i went to hunt the other one chasing him i was ready to shoot my arrow when he doged the arrow and turn and ran at me i tried shooting another one but i missed and he bit me it really hurt i fell to the floor and he took off my dad then came back and had killed the wolf he is really good at hunting th
    So i wasnt suprised he was taught by his father who hunted who was taught by his father and so on and now i m taught by mine to hunt anyways my dad took me back home and i tried to put achohol on it or peroxide nothing happend at all i couldnt go to the doctor or tell my dad cause we follow our code one of the rules of our code is if you get bitten you must take your own life one of my dads hunting members got bitten while they were hunting got bit and took his life but i was reading @elderwolf777 he describrd all the charsteristicts of turning into a wolf and i had all those things i havent turned to a wolf yet i read some people take time to turn but i dont know what to do im a hunter and im going to be a wolf how will i do both i cant tell my dad someone please help this is real also i have no one else to turn to btw these were the. Physical traits of a wolf elderwolf posted wich i have all of someone help PHYSICAL
    1 thick rapidly growing hair and nails
    2 superhuman senses and rapid healing
    3 abnormal temperature (not like in twilight)
    4 (not a definitive trait but common) slender limbs and large body
    5 very agile and powerful lots of stamina
    6 (very very common) misty colored irises and low set ears
    7 strong teeth with sharp canines, teeth appear to have a yellow tinge
    1 feared yet loved and respected by dogs
    2 doesn’t like small spaces
    3 climbs alot
    4 growls sat a low tone when angered or very bored
    5 loves to run
    6 howls instead of whistles sometimes (not in public)
    7 bites nails when hungry or bored

  8. ainsumLe says:

    @werewolf hunter nyc you have alot of nerve admitting that… But all hunter are idiots because only the fallen werewolves want to hurt people. And idk about other wws, but me and my pack, plus other packs in the us are her to protect humans. You hunters think that you’re helping the humans to be safe, when you are just hurting the humans’ chances of survival.

  9. Wolfhunter nyc says:

    I disagree honesty i just wamted help on what to do and i need someone to help me i dont know if you rea throught the whole thing or just the hunter part and idk ymy father taught me all wolfs are bad and need to be hunted tp keep the world safe wich my familyy been doing for a pong time and how are we hunters hurtin tl human chances of survival if anything were keepin them safe from you guys but none if it matter now that i might turn into one of you and cannot be a hunter any longer

  10. ainsumLe says:

    @werewolf hunter nyc I see… And I didn’t read all of it, sorry >< any ways… It depends on how much you value your life. If I were you though, I'd try to hide it until you shift, and then disappear.

  11. Wolfhunter nyc says:

    Thanks for replying is there a cure? I really dont want tp be this
    Maybe my dad will understand? Im scared for my life

  12. Lycanhope says:

    @ainsumLe: Don’t engage the idiot.
    @Wolfhunter nyc: Stop watching Teen Wolf and get a grip on reality.

  13. Gabriel says:

    @Wolfhunter nyc: ah yes I can help. First off might I ask if your family descends from Salem, Massachusetts? Also ElderWolf is horridly unreliable and were pretty sure he isn’t a werewolf. But I think in VERY RARE instances a bite might cause you to turn into one but I think the gene would already have to be there since it isn’t a gene… Then again if re hereditary it’s like pouring water on concrete, it won’t do anything. I think you are either overreacting, or you are actually a werewolf and its been kept from you until you getting bit activitated it in your mind. See it’s mostly mental, that’s why most wolves can control the shift beleive it or not and can recognize non-harmful people. Luckily for you as I stated, ElderWolf is mostly a talkative idiot who occasionally comes on to troll. Although some of those symptoms match up except maybe the iris and ear thing and the senses aren’t that upgraded, also the body heat is higher but not ridiculous. As for behavioral, well I’d say howls and growls isn’t entirely valid and some of the above either but I’m not a wolf specifically and not as agile you might say. Again I think if you are telling the truth, your family has been living a lie… Or the gene got in there somewhere.

  14. Lycanhope says:

    @Gabriel: Come on Gabe, you know better than this.

  15. Wolfhunter nyc says:

    @lycanhope wow you must be really ignorant
    If you think im lying thats good for you choose
    Whatever you want to belive im not going to
    Persuade you belive me

    And @gabriel thanks alot for replying and wtf
    Yes my family does desend from salem masachusetts my great great great grandfather thats crazy howd you know that? And i honestly hope you right i hope im just over reacting and will not turn aldo i have been feeling this pain in my ribs and stomach i tried laying down but it wont help

  16. Lycanhope says:

    @Wolfhunter nyc: Okidoki, lets go through a list of what’s wrong with this picture.
    Firstly none of the “symptoms” you’ve described mean anything. None of the physical ones are anything werewolf related, all of the behavioural ones are human things, so that’s out.

    Now lets move on to your family history. Salem? Really? Can you be more generic? Salem is almost always the home of the ancestors of pretty much every hunting family in stories, vampire, witch or werewolf. In fact, don’t quote me on this, I have a feeling that the Argent family from Teen Wolf started there.

    Also, I don’t know if you knew this, but genocide is kinda frowned upon. And no matter what you see in movies and on TV, in real life it’s not that easy to kill things and get away with it.
    Not to mention there is no real signs of a werewolf, it either looks like a human or a wolf and that’s it. So if you actually WERE telling the truth, you’ve been going around killing random wolves and/or random people.
    But lets say, for example, that you were telling the truth about your hunter family. Bows? Really? Not an effective tool unless you’re Olympic level accurate. And finding this kind of thing out at 10, I’d put that on my top ten “scared for life” moments list.

    And finally, the bite. That’s not going to do anything. Like, at all. If the wolf was diseased you might get an infection. Go see a doctor, boom, done.

  17. Wolfhunter nyc says:

    @lycanhope wow very well written *claps

  18. Lycanhope says:

    @Wolfhunter nyc: And that right there proves my point.

  19. Wolfhunter nyc says:

    Okay idk what your point was but okay

  20. wolf allen says:

    I v you are becoming a werewolf I would like to meet a real werewolf hunter and at the same time become a werewolf my self you a hunter have the exp if you become a werewolf and get EXP you will be the most dangers person in the world @Wolfhunter nyc:

  21. El says:

    @Wolfhunter nyc: do you want to be a werewolf .If you said yes you are probily imagining things. Otherways you are becaming a werewolf. If you need anything i’m a click away in South Africa

  22. El says:

    @dont you dare reply!: sorry I reply now I had a busy time the past2 months in South Africa. But my boyfriend is a bit of odd lately one night we had dinner at my house and he ate raw meat I think he might be a werewolf. And his friends says he has a very hairy body

  23. Gabriel says:

    @El: neither are werewolf symptoms, your boyfriend may just be a bit weird.

  24. suzet says:


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