What to do during a full moon

Tonight is the full moon of May.  If it’s not cloudy or raining where you live, the moon should be bright and beautiful.  We always talk about the full moon, and it’s pull and influence, but never about what you should do.  Many of you will find yourselves instinctively pulled to do one thing or another, but if you’re not, here are a couple of suggestions on what to do.  There are of course many things that you can opt to do during a full moon, but most will generally fall into one of two categories, depending on what your personal struggles are – internal or external (physical).

So, what do you do during a full moon?

Release your energy – The full moon is a good night to release yourself of your normal inhibitions – release your energy.  Sometimes however, this is hard to do.  One of the easiest ways to release your pent up energy is to run.  And when I say run, I mean, take a few minutes to yourself, take some deep breaths, stretch, and then start running.  You don’t have to go anywhere with a purpose, just run.  Let your energy flow through you, and expend that energy during your run.  Run until you’re tired.  Don’t run with a purpose.  Just run for the enjoyment of it.  A release of your pent up energy will feel especially good on a full moon night.

The other choice you have of things to do during a full moon is to just relax.  The full moon can be a powerful influencer.  You might find yourself compelled to feel certain ways, and you might find yourself wanting to resist these feelings.  You might find that these internal struggles simply do not leave you with much physical energy to release.  Instead of fighting with this, and trying to figure out what it is you should do, why not try to do the simplest thing of all?  Relax.  One of the easiest ways to relax is by reading.  Pick up something that interests you that you haven’t had time to get to in a while and read.  As you read, involve yourself in the story, and forget about your day to day life.  As you become involved in what you’re reading you’ll find your muscles relaxing and your mind refreshing.  You’ll find when you’re done with your book or story that you’ll be better able to deal with who and what you are.  You’ll be better able to understand what you’re feeling and how to handle those feelings.



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29 Responses

  1. Well said Buddy. I, if I am alone, love to just sit back and moon bathe relaxed under its influential glow. Yet, dont get me wrong, when I am with friends, family or pack, then I tend to get very instinctual, lots of play fights, lots of *extracarricualr activities ;)* So much fun to be had in the darkend hours of the sky, yes? The way of the wolf as I see it is both a curse and a gift. A gift in the way that we have knowledge that most other beings dont, as well as, a very beatufil animal to shift into when we have all reached our Ascension. But on the curse side, many have hot tempers and often blow up on the ones they love and regret ever doing it because they hurt them or made them feel used or unwanted. Sometimes strength can be a weakness, while being strong, it is easy to underestimate your power and could very easily hurt or kill a loved one, thus control over yourself is a must. It is a strugggle that many of us deal with our entire lives. It isnt always fun and games being a wolf, or any other theriantype, there are always pros and cons to every situation.
    Dark Blessings To You All

  2. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    Well, I enjoy being a wolf a lot, and the blessing and curse goes for any therian, or otherkin. and that’s something you should blog about one time, Buddy and Werewolf967, about therianthropy, therians and otherkin. Zorath, I know you from either the Werewolf Cafe Forums, or from Werespace, or Primal State….

  3. @Werewolf LeaAnn: We will! thanks for the suggestions…
    Long time no see Werewolf LeaAnn!

  4. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    Thanks, lol. i sent you an email. XD.
    i come and go, and if you need help with anything just send me an email, or an IM, lol. you have my email address. XD

  5. Jeremy says:

    Hmm what do i do on the full moon would be nothing because nothing to do >.<.

  6. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    You can Howl, run, excersise, meditate..etc… read, cook, etc…sleep!

  7. Re-searcha says:

    Zorath wolf and Werewolf LeaAnn, I have a question for you. Do you change into a werewolf?
    Please don’t be clever with the answer or anything funny, just tell me. Do you become werewolves? As in do you physical transform? As in if I see you as a werewolf will I say, wow now that is a werewolf. You know what I mean, you know the question i’m asking, i’m not talking figuratively or oh my god i turn in my heart kind of crapp. I am asking you candidly, DO YOU TURN INTO A WEREWOLF? AS IN FULL MOON, FUR, FANGS, ALTERED STATE kind of thing.

  8. Faolen says:

    I have a howling issue. I howl every time a full moon is out and I just stare at full moons like most werewolves. If you do that it’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with you. 🙂

  9. Faolen says:

    @Jeremy: Well, just do whatever you want except tell mortals you are a werewolf. Some of us howl and stare at full moons.

  10. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    @Re-searcha: What does it matter if we physically shapeshift into werewolves? First of all, how would you tell that it was a werewolf, because they’d look just like wolves. Not those stupid Twilight La Push wolves, I mean a werewolf, if they shift, they would shift physically into a wolf. A Wolf, as in looks like a wolf, runs, growls and everything. Looks like a wolf. Not like in those half-baked werewolf films that can be enjoyable to watch. A werewolf is a person who is either spiritually, or physically, both human and wolf. Simple as that. Many people make it more complicated than that. They may shift in mulitple ways, as there are more types of shifts than just physical. You have the physical shifts, mental, phantom, aural, dream, astral and a few more. If they were to shift physically, they look like a wolf, a true wolf. They would become the wolf. Mental, they would mentally become the wolf, phantom, you know the phantom limbs, aural, the aura becomes that of a wolf, dream, shifts in dreams, astral, shifting on the astral plain.
    I am still a werewolf even though I have phantom, astral, phantom, aural, and mental shifts.
    you are acting like a troll, re-searcha, trolling people. I hope you are having fun.

    Now, during the full moon, I have mental, phantom and aural shifts. I have never figured out if I shift physically. I may or may not.
    I stare up at the full moon, and howl. The moon above brings me peace and an escape from the world, allows me to connect with Earth Mother, with Nature.

  11. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    Oh, to answer you dumb question re-searcha, I DO know that my eyes change, and with the flow of adrenaline that starts to flow, that causes your gums to retract causing the teeth to seem larger.

  12. Applebottom says:

    -well there you go re-searcha, now please try and have an open mind and be nice for a change 🙂 ok it will do you some good:).

  13. lee ann says:

    Werewolf- sometimes i think its a common term/ escape for people whos lives are seriously f_ucked up

  14. Armand says:

    Lee Ann I thought u said u r a vamp:p

  15. lee ann says:


    k sorry that was mean. But you are somewhat annoying. Im alot of different species and im really not in the mood to explain it.

  16. Armand says:

    Just add me albertian

  17. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    Lee Ann, if your a vamp you have no right saying that about werewolves.

  18. Kitsunekraze900 says:

    During the full moon, I feel like writing poetry. I really do mean that, the moon is quite beatiful and I always look forward to seeing it at night.

  19. Kitsunekraze900 says:


  20. Adrasteia says:

    Now anyway, Why would REAL werewolves, be on an internet site called “Ilovewerewolves.com” anyway. It’s clearly a fan site. Then again, being on this on a FULL MOON. I would expect you guys to be doing something more cultural/spiritual with your time than surfing the internet, after all, isn’t that what the curse of a werewolf is? To be living under the guidance of the higher power? In your case, the higher power is the moon.

  21. If your a werewolf, any damn thing you want to do, it’s all good! Have fun with it. Wolf out, howl at the moon, make out with a she werewolf under the full moon. “Now that would be fantastic,” they can be pretty rough lovers though from what I understand. Mmmmmm That doesn’t sound so bad, that could be a good thing.

  22. Pf says:

    I literally want help transforming into a wolf whether full moon or not. I want to shift physically.

  23. I dont know guyz – I get kinda worried. Im a real y good person nomrally, but full moon make me go CRAZY and I get sacred that I might just loose control.

    Last year my boyfreind got TOTALLY freaked out, cos I was fully scraching at him and he didnt know what to do. We broke up for a while, but now were together again. Hes a great guy. I just hope hes not cheating on me, but i think he is.


  24. Lycanhope says:

    @Author Garry E. Lewis: I know you’re probably gone, but wtf?!? Lol.
    @Pf:You need to help yourself, others can only help to a degree.
    @Naomi Edwards: Work on improving your concentration and focus, when the next full moon comes around make sure you’re alone and try to practice getting a degree of control over your behavior. That should reduce the involuntary mannerisms.

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