What wolf symbolizes in your dream

They say that everything in a dream is a symbol of meaning for something…depending on who youwolf dreams ask however, you can get a different response. Dreaming of a wolf is just as complicated.  The wolf can be a dream symbol for many different things – the experts claim that how you interpret it is basically very personal and depends on each individual person’s interpretation.  Think back upon your dream, and your recent activities and thoughts.  Think about other things and feelings in your dream as well.  You’ll need to fit these pieces together like a puzzle to determine exactly what the wolf in your dream symbolized to yoiu.

So what does the wolf mean in your dream?

Here are some possibilities…

  • If you dream about a wolf, it is said that it could represent a need for solitude.
  • It could also represent loneliness.
  • Some claim that the wolf in dreams can represent inner mystery.
  • Wolves can also represent hidden anger or jealousy.
  • Others say the wolf could represent feeling of hostility or aggression that you may have.
  • And still others say it could mean you have feeling of “power” and “leadership”.
  • Some people say that if you dream about a whole pack of wolves, it could mean that you feel that you are someone’s prey or that someone is stalking you or attacking you.


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28 Responses

  1. davie says:

    In my dream (I’m in my own bed) I’m awakend by a noise, i go to see what it is and this huge werewolf bursts in the door and starts chasing me, to get away i somehow manage to jump over houses and buildings and land on the other side and actually feel butterflies in my gut, as I’m landing on my feet on the other side of buildings, but I don’t wake up I love the butterflies but is it normal to feel butterflies in dreams

  2. Lycanhope says:

    @davie: Yes

  3. kayla says:

    I had a dream of something that is still very confusing and I thought this would help but it didn’t.

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