What wolf symbolizes in your dream

They say that everything in a dream is a symbol of meaning for something…depending on who youwolf dreams ask however, you can get a different response. Dreaming of a wolf is just as complicated.  The wolf can be a dream symbol for many different things – the experts claim that how you interpret it is basically very personal and depends on each individual person’s interpretation.  Think back upon your dream, and your recent activities and thoughts.  Think about other things and feelings in your dream as well.  You’ll need to fit these pieces together like a puzzle to determine exactly what the wolf in your dream symbolized to yoiu.

So what does the wolf mean in your dream?

Here are some possibilities…

  • If you dream about a wolf, it is said that it could represent a need for solitude.
  • It could also represent loneliness.
  • Some claim that the wolf in dreams can represent inner mystery.
  • Wolves can also represent hidden anger or jealousy.
  • Others say the wolf could represent feeling of hostility or aggression that you may have.
  • And still others say it could mean you have feeling of “power” and “leadership”.
  • Some people say that if you dream about a whole pack of wolves, it could mean that you feel that you are someone’s prey or that someone is stalking you or attacking you.


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28 Responses

  1. loopeen says:

    Whatabout a dream that contains me as a wolf?
    Not dreaming about wolf or wolves pack, but I was the wolf in my dream.

    I was running on all four in a forest and fields of grass.
    Happily running, chasing prey, and sometime watching (or maybe stalking 😛 ) someone quietly from faraway unknowingly (“spying” could be the right word).

    I woke up smiling and felt fresh that morning 🙂

  2. @loopeen: That dream sounds like confidence! I wonder what Buddy… maybe she knows what it means.

  3. Buddy says:

    @loopeen: Werewolf967 is right – dreaming that you actually are a wolf – especially in the way you describe sounds like confidence! The wolf can represent a part of yourself that you are embracing – what you describe – your happily running and chasing prey can possibly mean power and freedom and a lack of fear! 😀

  4. Astute Newt says:

    Lol, I barely ever have dreams. on the off occasion I have one, they’re always cryptic as junk, for example, in one I peered in a mirror and had eye shine. There was another one where I actually had to run down my school bus after missing it, that one sucked, oh well at least at the end of said dream I snowboarded down a mountain of prime rib, whatever I had a hankering for bar be que.

  5. loopeen says:

    @Astute Newt, I barely have dreams too.

    But once I have one.. most of them are nightmares (“real dreams”) and those real dreams will come true in days or weeks or even months.

    And when I have good dreams, it tends to be just a dream.
    Except if the good dreams are real dreams. 🙂

    @werewolf967 and @Buddy, this is not the only one dream.
    There’s another dreams that consist me (always) as the wolf. 🙂

  6. @Astute Newt: lol prime rib sounds nice! 😀 Sometimes I can’t remember my dreams either but I think you can train yourself to remember them!

  7. Astute Newt says:

    Ya know, it’s the strangest thing, I can only remember them on or around a full moon.

  8. Tia says:

    Hey does anyone know why you have dreams and deja-vu? I’m doing my drama homework on these and my techer said I could get a really good mark and she wanted me to look up these. She tould me to look up a dream joinly and write what things I have in my dream,and the stuff I dream about is Werewolves,wolves,vampires,witches,ghost and neally dieing in one of my dreams. The reson I chose this for my drama production is because I have dreams everynight and some of them come true and I have lots of deja-vu. And a other reson I chose these is because last wedenday I had this really creepy dream. I was walking around my school at night time but there was lots of lights.I trun around and Erick was there, he pick me up by the neck and started chocking me. When he was holding me Elliot,Letica and all there friends who know about them came out and stand around me and Erick and started saying we are wolves/witches,Werewolves and witches are real belive us. I woke up with tears in my eyes because of that dream. -_- And most of my dreams do come true,I had one dream that I lost my job, that thusday before i started work I had deja-vu. That night I lost my job. Oh and i have seen two ghost at Nana’s house one at the creek two at my friends and one walking to my friends house. Oh and the ghost I seen at the creek,I was in the car with my family and we was wanted for my little brother. I look up and seen this men looking down at me. Mum called me then i trun to see what mum wanted and then when i trun back he was gone.And when i mean gone he was know where in site. I look around and didn’t see him anywhere. Then mum said that there was a grave over near the grass. The grave had a photo on it and in that photo was the men I seen staring at me near the car. :’0
    So now I can see ghost??? 🙁 I tould my little brother about it and he said your a witch. I said ha funny. Little brothers. 🙂

  9. Ben says:

    @loopeen: how do i have those dreams?

    also how do i get bitten by a were wolf in canada albeit a 100% one is it the bacteria in their saliva that does that? i hope so

  10. Joseph says:

    my dreams been strange the past 2 months.
    been having dreams of becoming a werewolf seeing other werewolves even felt pain in one dream as the sun came up my head hurt like hell i passed out woke up in some other part of the dream some lady tryed to help me and some other werewolf. i got a grate grate grate grandpa on my moms side that became great friends with a tribe in inda long long ago storys from my grate grate grandma be for she died in 2004 she had a store where she sold some old recrated tribe stuff i been thinking my dreams are linked with that. last night had a dream i was running with a pack of white and black wolves i was running on all fours heading for a cave. few nights back had a dream demons were taking over and they were doing so by taking the form of others and i stop them some how. one dream i had got attack by a werewolf then woke up with claw marks on my chest. ik this sounds insane i really dont bleave in this stuff then again i seen odder one time i cough to death everyone around me said i had no pulse.
    yeah its strange to even me

  11. Joseph says:

    yeah one more way i hear for a change be for a werewolf blood to touch a humans blood the same thing works with vamps just something i heard

  12. Tia says:

    @Joseph: Yeah dreams is really weird. I’m still having weird dreams. My dreams is kind of like yours but I have my friends and family in it and I started to have crows in my dreams as well. But in my dreams I don’t wake up with claw marks or anything like that but I have wake up all hot and scared. I rermber all my dreams I have had and what they are like.

  13. loopeen says:

    @Ben: what dreams? as a wolf?

    Well, like Buddy said, You have to be a wolf to have those kind of dreams. What I means in this is not a “werewolf” like those movies depicted, but a soul of a wolf.
    I have never said that I am a “real werewolf”, but I am a wolf. I have a soul of a wolf. Those dreams consist of me as a wolf : My wolf side is liberating it’s real form.
    That’s why I feel so free every time I dream like that.

    My other wolf dreams lately : I was awaken to find a wolf pack consist of four big wolves on my own bed. They didn’t do anything, just accompanied me. Some of them were just laying and some others sat on the foot of the bed, they behave like they guarding me (like bodyguards).

    You know what’s funny? I felt safe and then I got back to sleep with those wolves around me.

    And when the morning came, I was smiling again and feeling like nothing can ruin the day for me.

  14. Joseph says:

    yeah the dream of being a wolf can be alone for one.
    really im more of a freak no one wants to be near me no one wants to talk with me feel like a outcast and in a way im ok with that. but tell the truth the first dream was like this i was in my bed room about to open the door then felt this pain then my arms started to look like wolf legs.
    all in one dream then a few after running in the woods on all 4 legs heading for a cave with other wolves seems strange now that i think of it and in a way i felt happy in the dream. then a month later the dreams stop. still got my meat crave. all of oct all i craved a day was one meal then after i end up sleeping unable to wake up even no that i knew i was dreaming. then after oct. im endlessly craving something to eat. if i eat any plants im still craving something to eat if i eat meat dont crave anything for hours after. heck i even growl if i hear anything strange heck once i was having a growl fight with my sisters dog he growl at me i dont even no what got into me really he growled then i growled then he growled back then i growled back sounds a bit funny now that i think about it. wolf sprit may be it really. that and after sep any dreams i been having its just a blank when i wake up.
    then a day ago had such a head ake felt like there was this pit in my stomic all day and its still there with the headake. after that any sunlight buged me was way to bright for my eyes never really had a prob with bright sunlight be for. then again that dream from a while back

  15. Emily says:

    I’ve been having this reoccurring dream that I turn into this beautiful honey colored wolf. I run alongside a pack, and I find my mate, in the dream I feel an insane attraction to this wolf. It’s an amazing, exhilarating feeling when the pack accepts me. I’ve had it somewhere around 20 times in the past month. What does it mean?

  16. Emily says:

    @Joseph: It’s most likely because you might be getting close to changing. The winter solstice is coming up, and that can trigger some transformations.

  17. *wolf_girl* says:

    Did anyone ever think that if you dream of yourself as a type of animal it could have been you in a past life or a different era? I have dreams about myself as a wolf sometimes I would be the leader of a pack.

  18. *wolf_girl* says:

    On many occasions I was a midnight black wolves with golden eyes and other dreams I would be a snow white wolf with ocean blue eyes, and I was the size of the wolves in the twilight movies maybe bigger.

  19. Goldshadow says:

    I once drempt (it felt so real, like it wasn’t even a dream) that I was a wolf walking to the forest behind my friends house like I’ve done this a million times. I met with a huge white/silver wolf with strikingly blue eyes. We stared at each other for a moment then another wolf came out of the brush and stood next to this silver wolf. Another wolf walked into the scene also, a black one with orange/yellow eyes. When my dream was close to ending we all howled. I woke up confused on what this could have mean’t.

  20. Gabriel says:

    @Goldshadow: You’ve been watching too many werewolf movies, you just searched for wolves a lot before sleeping, you have a wolf fetish, honestly it could be anything but what your suggesting. Think about it, don’t over think it.

  21. Nicky says:

    Can you help me figure something out? I’d love to hear back about an answer…

    I once dreamt about a wolf… in which was me. I was completely in form of a wolf and I was chasing someone in a dark forest. I looked strangly hungry… I don’t know if I should be concerned or not, but before I knew it, I wasn’t just hunting them down anymore. I was feeding on them. I don’t know how long ago this was… Probably December 15th? Please… Someone try to help?

  22. Lycanhope says:

    @Nicky: If you’re concerned, see a psychologist.
    If it’s not a recurring dream, I wouldn’t worry about it.

  23. Dma says:

    In my dream a huge black wolf with big red eyes was following me every where I went in the dream it kept getting closer and closer each time I turned around it stoped and just stared at me but I wasn’t scared in the dream I kept walking then the last time I turned around it was right behind me I was face to face with it it the snarled at me I then grabbed its head and pulled it towards me it then fused straight in to me then I usually wake up what does this dream mean??? I’ve dreamt the same dream 4 times in the last 2 years each one slightly different to the other

  24. Kayla says:

    I had this weird dream: a weird man grabbed me by the arm, took me to a, I guess, tomb of some kind. He unlocked a weird coffin with a silver key. When the top of the coffin comes off a large silver wolf with red eyes comes out. I don’t know what came over me in my dream, I guess I was just scared, so I stabbed the wolf with something, I don’t know what,. I ran away after stabbing it, but I got caught by the man. I was also locked into a strange room. Then the next thing I know I’m being chased by scarabs. I woke up before it ended. There was also this Indian boy who kept by me.

  1. September 29, 2012

    […] situations and to many people – they may not necessarily apply to you.  For example, while dreaming about a wolf could represent solitude, or mystery, or loneliness – you might be dreaming about a wolf […]

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