What would you do if confronted by a werewolf?

what to do if confronted by werewolfIf you were faced with a werewolf, what would you do? There are many different reactions you might have, however, not all of them would be appropriate or would leave you with any chance of survival.  Which reaction would you have and what would the consequences of that reaction be?

1. Scream – This is the knee-jerk reaction of most humans confronted by a werewolf.  They see something they are unfamiliar with – fangs, claws, and fierce, intelligent eyes…and the first thing that pops into their mind?  Scream! Screaming however will accomplish nothing except really annoy the werewolf – particularly if he/she is trying to stay hidden.

2.  Run – After the scream, most instincts will tell the human to run.  After all, you want to get away from the werewolf as quickly as humanly possible, right?  Wrong.  Yes, you can run, however keep in mind that if the werewolf wanted you, running would do no good. Werewolves can easily outrun a human. That combined with their enhanced smelling ability and their superb eyesight – a human on the run has no chance.  If you escape a werewolf simply by running, it is because the werewolf allows it.

3.  Hide – This is often within the top three choices of what a human would do if confronted by a werewolf.  Be forewarned however, that it is very difficult to successfully hide from a werewolf.  For those humans that accomplish the task however, the reward of staying off the werewolf’s radar is one that can not be overstated.  It beats runnning or fighting an angry werewolf any day.  Hiding successfully however is a daunting task which has a very low success rate.

4.  Try to talk to him/her – Many humans do not even think of this as an option.  They simply see a fearsome creature.  Keep in mind however that werewolves are part human and have an extremely high intelligence – in some cases, this is an option that might help you avoid a werewolf attack.  Talking however will not work if you have already wronged the werewolf in some way.

5.  Play dead – An opossum may be able to fool predators by playing dead, however if you as a human play dead when a werewolf is around, rest assured the werewolf will not be fooled.

6.  Try to outwit him/her – If you think you can outwit a werewolf, you do so at your own risk.  Keep in mind that the werewolf has the best qualities of both humans and wolves.  They have had to use their skill and intellect for survival on a daily basis, so they are well honed and well in-tune with thinking well ahead of any plan you might devise.

7.  Go into shock – This is a reaction that many humans might not be able to control and might strike unexpectedly were you ever to see a werewolf.  You’d probably be frozen in place with a rapid heartbeat, clammy body, and feeling lightheaded.  The good news? Unless you have a specific problem with the werewolf, it is highly possible that the werewolf wouldn’t even want to bother with you.

8.  Fight – The fight or flight reaction is a typical one among humans faced with a threat.  Flight has its own set of problems (see #2, Run, listed above).  Were you to try to fight a werewolf however, the result would almost certainly be disastrous – for you, not the werewolf.  If there is anything you don’t want to do when confronted with a werewolf – fighting is probably the one – werewolves are strong, faster, and smarter in every way.  The odds will not be in your favor. 😉




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5 Responses

  1. Yaguara7 says:

    Ask to be turned into one.

  2. Lol ummm nothing if I met one of sniff them to get to know them.more as I’m.a wolf too lol do most probs if I meet one when I’m out I either stand there sussing them out or circle and sniff their scent and talk to them

  3. zilver says:

    maybe i’ll do the number 4 one. b’cause i’m not scared to werewolf and also i want a friend werewolf.

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