What would you do if you became a werewolf?

Let’s suppose for a second that you are a person that does not believe in werewolves. (And yes, friends that read and do not believe, this may in fact be you!) Let’s suppose that you come home from work/school/a date/vacation and that night something strange starts to happen to you. It takes weeks to fully develop and for you to understand, but eventually you realize that you feel like, you act like – you have all the symptoms of – and have become – a werewolf. Now I know, for some disbelievers it is hard to imagine this, but throw out your preconceived notions for a moment, and go with me. You are now a werewolf.

What would you do?

Would you try to tell your friends that you were a werewolf? Maybe you would try. But after you told the first person and he/she laughed at you, or looked at you like you were delusional you would probably stop. You probably wouldn’t dare tell anyone else.

Would you try to tell your family? Most likely not. Family has known you your whole life and will come up with a million excuses why you’re having this “delusion” or playing this “prank” on them. They are perhaps in many cases the least likely to believe in something this “crazy”.

Maybe you’d try to find answers in books. But books – at their best – are going to give you legends, history, and lore. Yes, things you can use as a starting point, but nothing you can use interactively.

So, what would you do if you became a werewolf? You’d look for answers and you’d try to find others of your kind. And so, for everybody that does not believe, and challenges the motivations of those here that say they are werewolves – I ask you, what would you do if you became a werewolf?



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25 Responses

  1. Aconissa says:

    I would probably go on here and ask people for advice and help

  2. alex says:

    Are you a werewolf ?

  3. alex says:

    Dam it is there any werewolfs online I need help, read the signs your turning into a werewolf, am having some symptoms what do I do ?

  4. Observer says:

    I would…be kinda shocked, but then laugh at how ironic that my highschools mascot in a wolf, I guess

  5. Lunar says:

    I absolutely love this writing piece buddy. Kuddos!

  6. Värlôc says:

    Hey, guys! Sorry I was gone for a while. I’m be back more often very soon.

  7. Lance says:

    hmmm… i think the question is not to become a werewolf, but rather if you are a werwolf or if you successfully shift into one. I’d try to stay on top because the bigger the better and the better the safer and not try to make some trouble because people are acting like shit. lol

  8. @Lance: You must be the Lance who attends the once mine chat Rise From Darkness. Look at my post on transform me. You will see the true nature of your host Uriah.

  9. Lance says:

    its causes a lot of popularity and envy among people… nowadays envy is very great even i am very vulnerable to it… and since i see now that there are greater dangers to face, I must remain strong as possible even if it means to tolerate and understanmd darkness itself which i am made of lol XD

  10. Lance says:

    yah I are demon hello……… lol XD we live it love it!

  11. Aconissa says:

    @Lance: oh okay now I understand.

  12. selot says:

    So lance you are a demon? I’ve heard it all now

  13. lance says:

    yes i am, the christians lies gave me no other choice but to do what my mind tells me to do and indeed, I did manage to pull it out for the reason that they say, if you are not with the light then surely you are with darknes, but now that I know that all of that crappy shit was a lie, they will pay dearly.

  14. trenton says:

    I wound not do a thing I think the idea of being a werewolf would be awesome!

  15. Lycanhope says:

    I can’t see this happening by accident (it’s annoyingly hard work), but as a hypothetical question this is perfect! I’d have to go with locating more of my kind.

  16. StormRunner says:

    I haven’t been here for quite a while…. anyways I’d probably have a load of mixed emotions. Then I would probably look for answers and others of my kind before telling anyone, if I choose to tell anyone.

  17. herpaderpington says:

    i would probably take as much time as possible to relax and enjoy nature for what it is.

  18. sandra says:

    Hey am new at this and am lost but week ago. I was with my friend in a sementary and some thing relly wierd happen and idont understan nothing my freind scar me with werewolf and vampire story and I just whant to ask you if all of that is true because I don’t belive in non of that but knaw am second gessingggfGg I felt something in there :l

  19. Cassidy says:

    What are the symptoms ?

  20. craziefuzi says:

    @alex: i know what to do. you have to dis connect yourself from the world and/or preform a blocking chant every night to stop your transformation

  21. Mannaro says:

    I would start prancing around like a nincompoop. :T

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