When a werewolf transforms is it painful?

According to most literature – and most films – transmogrification (which means to change or alter greatly – in other words the process when a werewolf transforms or shapeshifts), is a painful process.  Most literature and films depict the transformation process as painful, and that is what is used to justify the fact that the werewolf is vengeful, angry, merciless, and vicious.

However, contrary to what is depicted by authors and directors, I have heard that this is not correct, and really the only painful transformation for a werewolf is the first one. After the very first transformations, the body and mind start to become accustomed to the process, and it becomes second nature, and not really too painful at all.



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  1. (yy)Greyr(moon) says:

    did the symbols work?

  2. Greyr says:

    its failed lol XD

  3. Greyr says:

    (yy) xxxx

  4. Greyr says:

    HAHA another fail XD

  5. Eric Duke says:

    Help! Im a 12 year old werewolf i have sharp teeth i am super strong and hairy…. I need to know how the first transformation feels like…… And how do i transform…. Plz respond! Can i transform when i want. And how???

  6. Lycanhope says:

    @Eric Duke: Being very hairy and stronger than normal does not a werewolf make. Generally there are no outward signs of being a werewolf, unless you turn into a wolf, which is quite an obvious sign.
    First transformation feels weird but not really painful, like the dentist when you get a filling and they pump you full of Novocaine or whatever, you just feel peculiar grinding sensations as your bone structure changes.
    And yes, you can transform whenever you like when you learn how, it’s known as on-the-spot shifting. You need to spend a while getting your mind in the state where you can convince it that your human form is wrong, then it attempts to correct the problem by changing your body into what it perceives as right (ie, a wolf). It takes some hard work, but you can get there.

  7. Eric Duke says:

    @lycanhope thanks.. Man the moon is very bright tonight i’l try to transform…..

  8. Kira says:

    My knowledge was that werewolves don’t start until their 16…

    Oh dear, well maybe there’s a vampire around triggering it I suppose.

  9. PlanAlpha says:

    I want to receive the gift. How do i go about such task?

  10. jacoby says:

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  11. Wolvesrock13 says:

    Hello everybody!!! I have some questions for you all. I love werewolves, although I have never met one in real life. I think I might be turning, but am not sure entirely. I’m 14, love the moon and being outside. I like to sit on my roof and listen to everything going on. I have pretty good sight in the dark, but I’m mildly nearsighted. (Meaning I can see close up but have some trouble seeing far)anyways, I like to keep it natural. I’m very carnivorous although I do eat alot of fruits veggies,(thanks a lot mom) lol but ya. I’m scared to try and see if I can shift because I don’t know if it will really hurt and cause me to black out. I really don’t want to end up in the hospital for I am deathly afraid of needles. Any advice will be gladly taken. And PLEASE, constructive criticism only!


  12. Wolfgirl^ says:

    Any advise you guys? Anything at all really. Anyone just want to talk?

  13. Mvbaurqfiorg says:

    @Wolfgirl^: didn’t you say you might know me?

  14. Guywolf2012 says:

    anyone on? Oh and WolfGirl, I’m getting some of the same stuff as you (I’m also near sighted, lol) so yeah I’ve been wondering the same things. Anyone feel free to answer… Except you ReSearcha

  15. Wolfgirl says:

    I’ve only put those two comment up there. I don’t think i know you.

  16. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @Wolvesrock13: you need t face your fear of needles to get over it.

  17. theres no practices to just BE a werewolf. it’s a blessing unless your cursed. no poof I’m a werewolf. look at my post on page 32 of world population werewolves. you’ll find out what I mean.

  18. when the first shift happened to me I felt my chest widen it was easier to breathe.my butt started hurting like I fell on it. then it tingled and burned, I felt a tail. at the same time my joints became sore my legs felt like they were being stretched out to form wolf legs. my shoulder joints became sore and moved up. my forearms ears and feet elongated.
    them my big toes tingled and were numb my ears dragged up. it hurt the whole thing hurt, then it felt good.the worst part of the whole thing was the snout. I woke up feeling the werewolf adrenaline. and then blank. I was on my couch with muddy dog tracks.I blamed my dog. the next few were less painful. werewolves transform while asleep but wake up by adrenaline.not all the time sometimes they don’t and stay asleep.

  19. you surviv if you change in real life that depends on the pain in real life be

  20. Lycanhope says:

    Like I’ve said many times, shifting shouldn’t hurt. If it hurts, then that’s your body telling you something’s wrong.

  21. nevaRaven says:

    Any werewolves out there near Miami kik mo at spartacus676

  22. Wolfie18 says:

    I don’t know if I’m a werewolf or not. Lately I’ve been staying up late, craving meat and hearing ringing in my ears. But, I’m only 13. Any advice?

  23. Gabriel says:

    @Wolfie18: Staying up late, high metabolism, a natural adaption to a schedule, any number of other things. Meat, well idk how that really works but I know it defiantly isn’t exclusive to werewolves so your fine. Ringing idk (isn’t a werewolf trait) maybe head injury… Or just a crushing silence happening.

  24. Mary says:

    my answer to the question “does shifting hurt”…….hell…yes

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