When the cold rolls in….

The cold is an unwelcome intruder to most humans, however to many werewolves it’s a welcome friend.  It’s not just that it drives humans inside, leaving the outdoors free from their never-ending presence (although that is a welcome gift for many werewolves), but it’s also about how it affects the mind, body, and soul of the werewolf.

snowtrackTo the heat-generating werewolf, the cold can be soothing and relaxing.  Many report cold weather makes thinking clearer.  Their mind clears and thoughts are crisp and untinged by the intensity that heat can bring.  Others report that they feel stronger and more powerful.   The cold also prevents muscles from overheating, allowing them to work longer, harder, and faster.  And then there is the sense of well-being the cold brings to other werewolves.  There’s just something about it that feels like home…

Werewolves live in every corner of the world, but for many, there is no more favorite time of year than when the cold arrives….




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6 Responses

  1. Elora Lee says:

    I love reading werewolf books. I am hoping they make that new series into a movie. “The werewolf, the librarian and I.” By: Erin Rambeau. Her second book “WLI: The War!” Just came out.

  2. I have been on tons of werewolf or lycanthrope sites button I love yours. Also iam ten 11on august.

  3. And cant sleep well but once iamb out iamb out.

  4. Blood Moon says:

    I hate the cold.I’m the type of werewolf that shifts whenever I’m cold and in the dark or cold and angry…cold sucks.It’s painful.

  5. RebeccaGoldentail says:

    My favorite time of year is fall.

  6. I actually quite like the cold. Children around my village go swimming and walking in the woods during the summertime, homeless people find a home there.
    So when the cold rolls in my woods is completely empty and all mine.
    It also helps me think a little easy since I’m a hothead.

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