When the werewolf transforms and howl at the moon – fact or fiction?

So there is a comment that says werewolves do transform upon will. It seems that some werewolves can meditate in a way that will have strict control over th “evil beast” inside. The meditation theory is very interesting one I had not yet thought of. Could this werewolf transformation theory be the only way they transform? Fact or fiction? One explanation is possible the anger that is built and evil that has to be let out of the body itself, similar to the way the Incredible Hulk would change. Whether it be a female werewolf or male in transformation I think it makes no difference. Is this fact or fiction?

Btw, I have been seeing inquiries on why werewolves howl at the moon. Any possible answers?



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  1. alpha female lone wolf says:

    oh i have 2 watch my temper 2 not 4 the same reason though

  2. Wereboy says:

    its like i go into p-shift but more aggressive more strong and more vicious
    plus if i break the seal i will go into a uncontrolable rampage and wont stop

  3. alpha female lone wolf says:

    that sucks man that would b bad verrrrrrry bad

  4. Wereboy says:

    its happen before that’s why i try to stay away from fights
    the only reason it happen is because they killed my best friend
    and they where elite

  5. alpha female lone wolf says:

    dang i see why that would happen i would go nuts 2 if some1 killed my best friend

  6. Wereboy says:

    it took 50 werewolves to hold me down while they replaced the seal
    it has loosed sense then but it makes me stronger but i can control it

  7. alpha female lone wolf says:

    thats good

  8. Wereboy says:

    the scary thing about it is that my friend said that when it had been released that he would seebe one place and then the next with no inbetween

  9. Wereboy says:

    it sucks because i have to meet both packs in one hour and ones is in the north part of Arkansas and the other one is where i live so i am going to use a clone that i can hear what people say to it and i can say things out of its mouth

  10. alpha female lone wolf says:

    wow thats confusing me and my pack communicate over email its more secret + me and my friend clare are gonna meet somewhere soon and go huntin 2gether i cant wait and do you know how fast a werewolf can run

  11. AnnaHopn says:

    Hi there,
    ilovewerewolves.com – da best. Keep it going!
    Have a nice day

  12. Jay says:

    lol I don’t know how to respond to this. I would venture a guess that it could be true to some extent.

  13. shadow says:

    the reason why we howl is to communicate with others

  14. wolfhound92 says:

    come bite me please

  15. alex says:

    Helpme pleas go to the the signs your turning into a werewolf tell me if ima become one pleas and what do Do? Pleas help me

  16. Michael says:

    @alpha female lone wolf: are you guys werewolves because it sure sounds like you are. I don’t know if you are?? PLEASE TELL ME!!!

  17. Lycanhope says:

    Wolves howl to communicate, they point their muzzles up to make sure the sound carries to all wolves in the area, the moon happens to be in the sky so it looks t\like they’re howling “at” it.
    Meditation is THE only way to shift. It’s not a hulk thing, more like convincing your mind that something’s wrong and the brain taking steps to correct it. 80% of our brains lie untapped, the mind can accomplish incredible things.

  18. Emily says:

    The thing about wolves or werewolves howling comes from humans seeing them more often during the full moon. Humans come out during the full moon because they can see better due to the brightness of the moon. Wolves and werewolves howl upwards so the sound travels further.

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