Where are the werewolf videos and werewolf pictures?

Why don’t we have footage of werewolves or pictures of werewolves? If werewolves do exist, why has the government not caught a werewolf? I think the answer to this question is probably similar to why we don’t have real documentation of the yeti (big foot). We think they exist…we might have blurry pictures of what we think might be them, but no firm evidence. If you do believe that werewolves are in fact real, it could be that one of the reasons that it’s hard to find any videos or pictures of werewolves is probably because they are part human. Since they are part human they are fairly intelligent, and know how to keep themselves hidden. They know that if they reveal themselves they’ll be hunted down by fearful humans, or captured by the government for testing. Another reason could also be that the werewolf population is very small – there are not many werewolves in existence. Combine all this with the fact that werewolves are only in werewolf form about 25% of their lives (or less), and it all adds up to the fact that if werewolves are real, it would be very difficult to find any evidence of them.



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5 Responses

  1. A Real Werewolf says:

    ok im more than just fairly intelligent my personal iq is 190+ and i keep my mind when i transform so it would be harder to find me than it is to find a microscopic organism in an ocean

  2. Real I am sorry to say but please there is no need to proclaim on an online social network. I do not mean to be offensive it is just I have seen so many who do such but it doesn’t do much when you’re on a computer. You may be the smartest person in the world but your face is still hidden amongst the data jungle. I guess what I am trying to say is just be friendly and yourself and it will go farther than hearing about how smart you are.

    But this is all just my opinion and you do not need to take it literal. After all I am simply yet another online face, unfortunately.

  3. William says:

    well if their population is so low they need to turn ppl that want to be and breed with their own

  4. What you people don’t know…is that we werewolves turn into ACTUAL wolves when we turn…So ya’ll are looking in the wrong place…we are not half-human when we turn…we look like normal wolves…and we have all of our human thoughts and senses when we turn…And we do form packs like normal wolves would…End.Of.Story.

  5. Wha..? says:

    Every time I think about wolves and werewolvesI get the worst empty feeling in the whole world. ;n;

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