Where do werewolves live?

Where do werewolves live? This is an interesting question.
They live in houses. They live in apartments. They live in condos. Since werewolves when they are not transformed are normal people, they live anyplace you would find a normal person living. You will not find them living in the wild like the Yeti (aka Bigfoot). They do not even need anything special in their homes– for example, vampires mostly need coffins for the complete darkness. Werewolves need nothing. What this means is that it is very very difficult to prove or disprove the existence of werewolves, because they blend in with the normal population, they can be among us unknown.
In theory – and perhaps in reality, werewolves could be as pervasive as any theives or spies. Meaning, they could be among us, living next door and we wouldn’t know.



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334 Responses

  1. Astute Newt says:

    When you get all riled up, try taking deep breaths. Also if you get like this somewhere people wouldn’t think you’re weird, try meditating, clear your mind of the anger and focus on your breathing and your mantra (a repeated phrase or syllable that is said whilst meditating). That’s how I get rid of any anger I have towards someone or something.

  2. White wolf says:

    I know I’m new to this site but who the hell what the Caroline chick? No offense to anyone’s religious upbringing, but I was raised christian and my sister knows that I’m a werewolf. She said awesome and that it explained why on full moons I always went missing, (she’s christian too and goes to church every week) and told me that she’s just glad I’m taking care of myself.

  3. Astute Newt says:

    Who is this Caroline, I’ve been gone too long to know who she is.

  4. White wolf says:

    hey does anyone know what comment tag is buddy’s? If he does comment that is, I just wanted to ask him a question but maybe ya’ll can help me? Has anyone heard of a site on the web called vampire website? I went across it and some vamp guy said he is going to start putting up info on werewolves and I wasn’t sure if anyone knew him.

  5. shaggy(just a nickname due to shaggy hair not werewolf stuff) says:

    thx it helped a bit …now im just facing the dna problem…i have dna from 2 animals n it shouldnt b there…i got in contact wit the guy n he says my lifespan will b shorter :/ but the plus side is that im uber agile…i put it to good use doing a sport called parkour…..n just to clear this up i dont think ima wereanything..im just a human with what was called “a gift” …gift my hip …i can never b normal .,i have to life my life as a freak

  6. Astute Newt says:

    Roll with it, people think I’m weird because I’m smarter than average, and stronger than most perceive, but I just go with it.

  7. shaggy(just a nickname due to shaggy hair not werewolf stuff) says:

    i know but i just wish i was normal 4 once…by now i know itl never happen but could God get by creating a freakin moster…the guy told me God had great plans for me…thats BS ok how can he have great plans for a dyslexic monster

  8. Astute Newt says:

    Dude a lot of people have dyslexia, don’t feel all depressed about stuff, try and approach stuff with a sense of optimism.

  9. shaggy(just a nickname due to shaggy hair not werewolf stuff) says:

    trust me i have but when even ur grandma hates u…well optimism dont really work…but thx btw my best friend thinks he’s a werewolf n he asked me to join his pack…should i b worried that he is one n if so isnt it against the rules r sumtin to have a non- were wolf in the pack

  10. Astute Newt says:

    Well I can’t see that it would hurt, not unless the rest of th pack falls under the category of bad people. Research the situation before you make a decision, but if they’re all decent people, and theres no flavor of turmoil going on withing the pack, go for it.

  11. shaggy(just a nickname due to shaggy hair not werewolf stuff) says:

    thx…so hes happy that im in n he asked if i wanted to b a were wolf but i said no cuz im not ready to become even more of a freak YET …so ya The Bahamas now has a pack…they called me sharp one xD like a friggen indian

  12. Tia says:

    @Werewolf967: It was new year for me last night. 10:07pm 1/1/12

  13. theawkwardgirl says:

    @shaggy(just a nickname due to shaggy hair not werewolf stuff):

    Dude. You are not a freak. If your somebody doesn’t like you then it’s their loss. Werewolf or not, everyone is amazing in their own way. I’ve been called a witch but I’m not. People think I’m different and crazy because I have epilepsy. I just ignore them. It would be cool if I was a witch. Could curse them all!!

    • Loki says:

      Yes you could curse them, but you would be getting it 3 times back, so you would be trice cursed so I wouldnt do it. Look Wicca up.

  14. nick c says:

    was wondering if anyone would like to help me catch a werewolf if u do let me know because i wanna catch one please contact me at [email protected]

  15. Just Someone says:

    Yall may know bout werewolves but apparently not vampires WE VAMPIRES ARENT LIKENTHE HOLLYWOOD MAKES US LOOK LIKE!

  16. Cindy says:

    Love this storyline. Despite the fact it looks like there hasn’t been going a lot of eforft into it, I think you’ve been working very hard at this. You can tell by the tiny jokes like the blackboard (b=brains) and the juices at the end. Those kind of details brings the story to a whole in my opinion.

  17. Sauna wolf says:

    I’m a wolfblood! Not warewolf! We aren’t monsters!!!!

  18. Alpha says:

    Also are you calling us monsters?

  19. Werewlvesrock says:

    Tell me how to become a werewolf please I just want to be one. Help me and please comment back.
    If possible, no spells please. Thx

  20. KitchiLupe says:

    @werewlvesrock I used to be like that.. until I learned that despite how much I tried it’s impossible to become a werewolf. So.. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you just.. can’t become a werewolf if you weren’t one already.

  21. Wolfie says:

    Why yes us werewolves do exsit. We also do try our best to stay hidden from the public. Now yes we like to live our lives simple because we don’t need much. Wanna ask this werewolf some questions go ahead I don’t mind one bit.

    • Adlet says:

      Yes, I do! Where are we all hanging out now? My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

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