Why Being Human is lame

This is why being human stinks! Generally speaking you could make a list of things you love about being human, but what fun would that be? So here is a negative list of things about being human, things that are…uhh.. lame!being human

1. You’re not very “unique” and every other human knows it, you’re old news, Human? boring!

2. Your emotions get the best of you!

3. You cant shape shift, transform, or change physical appearance.

4. You cant live forever, immortality is not an option for you.

5. You are weak, always will be… human strength is as low as you can get!

6. You are slow- naturally and physically!

7. You can’t fly… like a bird.

8. You can’t breath underwater… like a fish.

9. You don’t have invisibility powers.

10. You are addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and Texting.

Whats on your list of why being human stinks?!…



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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136 Responses

  1. Emberi adoff-mirus says:

    I won’t I’m just asking out of curiosity

  2. KC says:

    hey how uses going

  3. Any packs in texas?

  4. alpha says:

    Were wolf 101 yes there are severl packs in texas and the sorounding area

  5. KC says:

    Is there werewolves in Qld…… just asking 🙂

  6. Well you may not know this but is there any close to El Campo?

  7. alpha says:

    That I could not tell you because we are always moving around so no body can pinpoint our location or tell what we are by our habits

  8. Okay… Is it common to be a lone wolf when your FEMALE?

  9. Tala says:

    @WereWolf101 Yeah, several werewolves, male and female, are loners these days.

  10. alpha says:

    Yes severl werewolves are loners these day,s but its relly not a good idea because you dont have the protection of a pack or the soceal interaction with our own kind and human interaction can be a pain in the ass and half the time you want to eat them at the wrong time because thay have pissed you of at the wrong time or you are in a bad mood

  11. Yeah thats actually why i asked!

  12. Tala says:

    Yeah, but I don’t like being in a pack like others. :/

  13. I didnt want to get in big trouble with humans or other werewolves!

  14. Tala says:

    Anyways, glad I could help 😀

  15. My friend says shes a werewolf and also says werewolves stand up on there feet most of the time. Is she really a werewolf? I dont think she is….

  16. Tala says:

    Well, the werewolves I communicate with aren’t like that. I have met a few who say that, it’s called ‘Anthro’. My cousin can do that but she prefers to stick with pure animal form.

  17. alpha says:

    Werewolf101 its not the point of getting in troubl with other werewolf its the point of keeping hunters off your tail thay would love to know were and what you are for a hard to get prize ive been trough this already

  18. alpha says:

    Its very rare for any of us to half shift its a lot easyer for pure wolf form and it dont take all of our energy to hold half form so I would say she is very young or watches to much tv

  19. Okay. She was offering for me to to be in the pack but i dont really want to. And i dont think any hunters live around here.

  20. Tala says:

    Hunters are everywhere WereWolf101, never let your guard down. 🙁

  21. Well my neighbor is a hunter but he hunts for deer

  22. Is that a problem for me?

  23. Tala says:

    He’s a human, when a bigger prize appears, he’ll want it.

  24. Hes my friend tho.Hes almost like a dad to me.

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