Why do wolves howl at the moon?

Why do wolves howl at the moon? If you notice, once one wolf starts howling, they all start howling. You’ll also notice that dogs do the same thing, one starts a howl and they all follow with grunts, then whines, then a full-blown howl! One reason wolves howl is to communicate with each other – if the wolf has been separated by his pack, he’ll howl to find and communicate with his packmates. Howls are very loud and can be heard from a great distance. Another reason wolves howl is to tell how close they are to neighboring packs, that way they can stay away from each other. Interestingly, the assumption that wolves howl at the moon is only that – an assumption, nothing has proven that wolves are actually howling at the moon, although some say that wolves may indeed howl more when the moon is out just because they’re out more due to the light the moon provides which allows them to see better at night.



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90 Responses

  1. WildFire says:

    Wolves don’t howl at the moon. This is just an old myth that people believe in. The fact is, wolves are just more active at night then during the day. The moon doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  2. I can say say that anytime I see a moon I look up and admire it without saying a word. Isn’t it possible that the wolf looks up and admires it by howling??

  3. HowlingMoon says:

    I know that wolves are nocturnal and when wolves howl they are communicating with each other, not howling at the moon. But i have to say, the beauty and power of the moon really makes me want to howl, but that’s just me.

  4. WOLFMAN says:

    Wolves don’t howl at the moon, they howl to protect their pack and claim their territory.

  5. angel says:

    wow. this doesn’t really sound true. and i need all of the facts i can get for my book. hm. 🙁

  6. Argentus Lupus says:

    Attention all members of this blog, i ask you a question.
    Please hear my request and give me answer quickly. WHERE IS THEWOLF? And where can i find our friendly Elder? And THEWOLF, if you view this, know that your student is eager, yea, very eager to learn:)
    very, very eager

  7. Silver says:

    Im sorry Argentus i haven’t seen TheWolf, though i understand your need for knowledge.
    However on topic now, The Moon? It is beautiful and has always been a power in the lives of wolves, like the sun to humans i believe it gives energy to the wolves and this energy gives them the want, the drive to howl, the joy, the rush of energy.
    this is just one view point

  8. Angel Wolf says:

    If your looking for information on the wolf, ask one yourself. Your talking to one right now. And, angel, it is partly true. However, it is also a mating call. Trust me. I know. We do it at full moons because, it is the time when every one will hear us, and most of us arn’t asleep. So we get more chaces that way

  9. Cassie says:

    That was very nice i will use some of thot info for my report (: thanks!

  10. Vulkan says:

    whats with people and reports?

  11. lee ann says:

    reports? If its a stupid human telling the world about us… ugh

  12. TeenWolfToo says:

    Of course wolves do not howl at the moon, they howl at each other and they are active during the crepuscular and the nocturnal periods, people should exercise their common sense. If i were to go outside and holler “hello’ i would not be addressing the sun just because i am diurnal. You people who believe that you are wolves need to put down the meth pipe.

    Clinical lycanthropy and zoanthropy are psychological self-identity disorders characterized by delusional misidentification of repressed behavior. They manifest during psychotic episodes brought on by another condition such as affective and schizophrenic disorders, or bipolar disorder.

    Angel Wolf does not SUFFER from lycanthropy, just as lee ann and Alice are not vampires, they are people who spuriously assert that their avid fantasy lives are in fact reality. Furthermore they do not seem to have much working knowledge of their chosen folk mythology figure outside of what Hollywood has provided them.

    Fortunately these people are still in their formative years and will eventually come to realize that this is just an exploration in their journey of self identification.

  13. SabreWind says:

    TeenWolfToo it seems that you are the one who suffers as well. There is more than meets the eye, if I told you I was a werewolf you would say no you suffer a disease. I know I do not suffer from a disease that is certain.

  14. Argentus Aureus says:


  15. Argentus Aureus says:


  16. SabreWind says:

    …………I am sorry for everything

  17. Argentus Aureus says:

    Brother, it is I:)

  18. Argentus Aureus says:

    Its ok:)

  19. Argentus Aureus says:

    I looked in the mirror, closed my eyes, asked myself and God what i was. Look at me:)
    THis is who and what i am 🙂

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