Why don’t humans believe in werewolves anymore?

People simply do not believe without seeing anymore.  At one time this was not the case, but in today’s world…seeing is believing.

You can credit the 24-7 media coverage for this phenomenon.  And it’s true – just about everything in any part of the world – day and night – can be found on the internet – in video or in photos.  Want to see a blue lobster?  Well, look on the internet they exist!  What about a skateboarding bulldog?  Yeah, there are plenty of videos on youtube of those doggie skaters swooping around!   My point – everything is online!! And what humans tend to think is – if you can’t find pictures of it online, well, it must not exist!   Because…well, just about anything you can think of you can find online.

And yes, this includes werewolves.

The problem is though, that werewolves are very difficult to find true/real videos/photos of.  Yes, werewolves are indeed on the internet – in fact, werewolves are also part human, so they can be found anyplace and everyplace humans can be found. But, werewolves are incredibly smart, and unlike a skateboarding bulldog, or a blue lobster, are unlikely to just hang around waiting for a crowd of humans to come along and take their picture. So, on the first part the true/real pictures and videos of werewolves are rare to begin with! Combine this with the fact that werewolves are also part human (and thus can sometimes – especially in non-transformed form) be hard to differentiate from humans, and the end result is very few real videos/photos are available of true werewolves.

So then we get back to the old adage – seeing is believing.

Most humans need to see to believe.  Even the most open-minded of humans are hard to convince without concrete visual evidence.  And it is a testament to the werewolf’s smarts that very little of this visual evidence exists.






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26 Responses

  1. dirty Al says:

    I’m A human and believe :n werewolves I wont. To become a werewolf at all cost I’m also looking for a werewolf named Luna and if anyone has a problem take it to the judge and do me a favor go jump off a bridge

  2. Titan says:

    Yes, like I am a demigod and no one believes in them. skepticism plays a big part in normal humans life.

  3. dirty Al says:

    @Titan: I agree I don’t like skepticism ether. Hay and do you know the werewolf.by the name Luna and if you know her tell her I’m loooing for her and I like the dumasses hue criticizes me

  4. Well beliefs are all different. No two are alike buddy.

  5. dirty Al says:

    It sucks that cannot find a real werewolf to turn into one I believe that I’m starting to lose faith

  6. Madd Dogg says:

    @dirty Al: its all in the mind its that simple in fact there are treatments against it and P shifting doesn’t exist it’s ALL mental

  7. Madd Dogg says:

    @dirty Al:so dude there are no “real” werewolves but, how ever in rare cases there are “real” (using the word real loosely) but “real” vampires but, it’s not like Twilight (that’s the movie right?) anyway what it is, is a genetic disorder where the body doesn’t produce enough hemoglobin the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells (thank God for Wikipedia on the iron part hehe*) And what it dose is the said person with the disorder is paler and has reseeded gums making teeth look fang like and they physically drink human blood to live. now PLEASE don’t quote me on this it was a long time ago when I learned this changes may have been made on treatment.

  8. Madd Dogg says:

    @dirty Al: you see the word paler in the last post right? what I mean by that is as in paler skin then “normal” people. sorry didn’t catch the first time I read through it. any questions I shall do my best!:D

  9. Lycanhope says:

    @Madd Dogg: To say there aren’t “real” werewolves because it’s a psychological condition is like saying transgender people aren’t “really” a different gender.
    It’s debilitating as hell, and to treat it otherwise is ignorant and more than annoying.

  10. Madd Dogg says:

    @Lycanhope: really they are not they may look it but they are still the original gender genetically now tell me how can you replace a Y chromosome with an X chromosome after birth?

  11. Madd Dogg says:

    @Lycanhope: and if I may add what I truly meant by “real” werewolves was the fact that none of the P sift like said on this site and none of them can really turn into a wolf it’s all in the head.

  12. Madd Dogg says:

    @Lycanhope: so the reason why no one truly believes in werewolves now is because that it is labeled as a mental disorder called Clinical lycanthropy Not to be confused with Werewolf syndrome.

    Clinical lycanthropy is defined as a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can transform into, has transformed into, or is a non-human animal.[1] Its name is connected to the mythical condition of lycanthropy, a supernatural affliction in which humans are said to physically shapeshift into wolves.[2]

    Hypertrichosis (aka Werewolf syndrome)

    Hypertrichosis (also called Ambras syndrome) is an abnormal amount of hair growth over the body;[1][2] extensive cases of hypertrichosis have informally been called werewolf syndrome,[3] because the appearance is similar to the werewolf. The two distinct types of hypertrichosis are generalized hypertrichosis, which occurs over the entire body, and localized hypertrichosis, which is restricted to a certain area.[1] Hypertrichosis can be either congenital (present at birth) or acquired later in life.[3][4] The excess growth of hair occurs in areas of the skin with the exception of androgen-dependent hair of the pubic area, face, and axillary regions.[5]

    Several circus sideshow performers in the 19th and early 20th centuries, such as Julia Pastrana, had hypertrichosis.[6] Many of them worked as freaks and were promoted as having distinct human and animal traits.

  13. Madd Dogg says:

    @Lycanhope: LOOK here is again from another site!

    Scientists have discovered a genetic mutation responsible for a disorder that causes people to sprout thick hair on their faces and bodies.

    Hypertrichosis, sometimes called “werewolf syndrome” is a very rare condition, with fewer than 100 cases documented worldwide. But researchers knew the disorder runs in families, and in 1995 they traced the approximate location of the mutation to a section of the X chromosome (one of the two [email protected] chromosomes) in a Mexican family affected by hypertrichosis.

    Men with the syndrome have hair covering their faces and eyelids, while women grow thick patches on their bodies. In March, a Thai girl with the condition got into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s hairiest child.

  14. Madd Dogg says:

    ly·can·thro·py [lahy-kan-thruh-pee] Show IPA



    a delusion in which one imagines oneself to be a wolf or other wild animal.


    the supposed or fabled assumption of the appearance of a wolf by a human being.


    1575–85; < Greek lykanthrōpía. See lycanthrope, -y3

  15. Lycanhope says:

    @Madd Dogg: Gender dysphoria, or transgender, is caused by the brain producing the wrong hormones. Chemically, their brains are the wrong gender.

    Clinical lycanthropy is the very serious mental disorder which causes the sufferer to believe they can transform, to the point of hallucinated transformations and canibalism.

    Species dysphoria is the mental condition where the sufferer thinks and views the world as a different species. The effects differ from clinical lycanthropy in the important way that the sufferer knows they are not that species, but their brain insists that that is wrong.
    The effects are the same as gender dysphoria, with the key difference that there is no physical cause.

    Tldr: you’re woefully uneducated in this matter, and copy pasting doesn’t make you smart. Knowing what you’re doing does.

  16. Lee Ann says:

    @Madd Dogg: instead of trying to find better websites to copy and paste from to make sense of your arguement, try having a better arguement.

  17. Madd Dogg says:

    @Lee Ann: you really want to what I argue over??? I argue over who make a better V8 engine dodge’s V8 magnum or Ford’s 4.6L V8 or what model of Cummins’s diesels is better the older more rugged 5.9L in older Rams or the newer 6.7L Cummins in newer Rams

  18. Lycanhope says:

    @Madd Dogg: Which has nothing to do with anything, and further shows that you’re a child trying to sound smart on the Internet and throws a tantrum when you get shot down.

  19. Lee Ann says:

    I’m pretty sure Madd Dogg’s genuinely re tarded.

  20. Madd Dogg's friend Kyle says:


  21. Madd Dogg'friend Mystery man! says:

    Madd Dogg is right when he says that trans-gender people aren’t really a different gender. Just because the brain believes that it is different, that doesn’t make the person physically different.

  22. Lycanhope says:

    @Madd Dogg(because that’s still you): They produce DIFFERENT HORMONES. They are PHYSICALLY DIFFERENT.
    Now you’re just embarrassing yourself with your incompetence.

  23. Madd Dogg says:

    @Lycanhope: no really it wasn’t this time I showed some friends and they posted them using my laptop at school today so this time is wasn’t me

  24. in potatoes I trust says:

    I know I might be a year late… but there is a point I would like to make:
    as a human that don’t belie in werewolves (and if u ask, I’m here because its 2:00AM)
    I have to say that… that’s not the main reason of why people (like me) don’t believe in werewolves.
    the main reason is actually quite simple. no trusty sources of information!
    I might be wrong… but… think about it:
    you are a simple human. you know about werewolves pretty much from the same thing that explained you about the tooth fairy or Santa: Stories! so, as an average human, will you believe in that? well… it depends on the person.
    but in most cases, you wont believe. (PS- don’t kill my English is not perfect, its only my 2nd language)

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