Why don’t people believe in werewolves? Scientific POV

A recent article in USA Today says that people stopped believing in werewolves around the time that Darwin popularized the idea of evolution. Darwin’s evolutionary point of view focused on the evolution of apes into humans. Prior to this notion, werewolves were very prominent in popular culture and belief. With Darwin putting the focus on apes however, people started to think of the wolf – man hybrid as something that was impossible – so people started to scoff at the idea, and the werewolf quickly fell into the realm of things that were unbelievable and probable myths.
Darwin did in the werewolf



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10 Responses

  1. Lee ann says:

    No! i wanted to be first.

  2. ???? says:

    true, but I still believe in em.

  3. kayla8142 says:

    i love werewolfs SO MUCH I AM THE BIGIST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kayla8142 says:


  5. Lee Ann says:

    Really?? Did you know the plural form of wolf is WOLVES??!!!

  6. Kelly says:

    Ahahahaha I can garentee you dont.

  7. meaghan says:

    haha so funny….just made my day… 😀

  8. Alex says:

    bak in Bavaria around 1227 the great Germanic King Wulfgard actually had 3 pet wolves, but he always used the term Wulf to describe them.
    He would say “Yo, where are my wulfs?”
    I don’t know the old German for the above statement.
    But you kan look it up.
    Holy cow I kant spell can.
    Wait, wasn’t Kant another German?

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