will a werewolf ever understand who he is?

I can tell you that you may only know – WHAT – you are and not so much -WHO- you are. You will exist in a world that may seem to have no meaning for you- and life. You will have to hide part of who you are, not by choice, you will be forced to hide your identity. Its not a force like somebody making you, you wont know why you have to hide what is happening to you, but you will hide it. You will hide it from friends, from family, and yourself. You will deny who you really are and who you you will become. You are not immortal, the time you have you will seek answers to questions of your origin, of your “race” and curse. You wont stop your search for answers; although at the early point in life you wont seek answers, you will embrace your existence and never question your power. Early in your werewolf life you will let your strength and aggression get the better of you; as you move on in life you will have questions for yourself, and your feelings towards being werewolf will have a different meaning to you. The journey is long, don’t give up searching for answers, the answers exist, the answers are out there…you will know when you find them…we will know when we find them…



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  1. Ahh, but this is not true.
    After a period of about half a year I was fully conscious of my transformations.
    At first I couldn’t remember anything really about what happened while in that mindset, bet now I can not only remember what happens, I can control my instincts fairly well too. (though the occasional howl will get the better of me.)


  2. sabrefang says:

    Hmm I must say for once I read something that makes me feel at ease. I have been searching for this past week trying to get an answer to the things that I felt 10 years ago.

    Something happened about a few years later that brought me peace and gave me an escape. the thing is I never looked for an escape though but it became such an obsession that I had forgotten the one thing I had been trying to understand.

    And yet here I am still searching for answers and my efforts have doubled because of the all the repression and time lost.

    Thank you for this post werewolf967 I know I’m a bit late but you gave me the minute of peace that I needed to continue.

  3. A Real Werewolf says:

    i under stand who i am completely and i have known since i first transformed

  4. Understanding is one thing this is a website. I am just tired of no face and constant lies from those who i befriend.

  5. I am not suggesting you are one but I’ve dove too deep to leave and this technology is such a double edged sword

  6. Night Walker says:

    Most Werewolves are not agressive unless you provoke them and some of us do not change at all and silver is something that most of us like and we always have it on us somewhere if there is something we don’t understand we seek out the intelligence of others that may know the answer. We’re like people just a little different. I’ve actually met someone who understands me and knows other things that I do. We love humans and most of us would rather eat someother type of meat instead of humans. We try to befriend people we can sence that can understand us.

  7. phil says:

    damn it you guys dont just go around posting u are werewolves on the internet. The number 1 rule is to stay hidden because if the hunters know werewolves exist then they’re all dead meat!

  8. ILiekPizza says:

    @phil: An advantage to the internet is the anonymity it provides. So, unless the hunter was a diehard one I doubt we’de have to worry about that.

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