Will hiding underwater protect you from a werewolf attack?

Recently I saw an interesting video of a duck swimming in murky waters in some foreign locale. Behind him, a tiger swims quietly, preying upon the duck. Just as the tiger decides to speed up his stalking and pounce, the duck catches sight of the tiger and ducks under the water!! Life saved for the duck! Hunger left unabated for the tiger!

The video ends there and we can presume that the duck escaped with his life.

So, can humans take this lesson to heart, and if faced with a werewolf stalking them, escape underwater to elude capture? The answer is that if you are being chased by a werewolf in werewolf form, then you might have a reasonable chance of escaping if you were to perform the duck maneuver. The reason is merely because while werewolves are certainly not afraid of water, it is merely not their strong suit. They certainly could still capture you if they wanted to, but chances are they will not deem it worth their while as werewolves are more comfortable on land then in the water. If however you have really really angered a werewolf, don’t expect much protection underwater. Werewolves are known for their ability to catch anything they truly have their sights on. If therefore you are on a werewolf’s bad side, do not expect the duck maneuver to work!



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  1. i have heard someone’s throughs for 6 mouths is that normal

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    @Lupe i wanted to ask you something

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    @Ohanzee: Go ahead

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