Wolf Popular Mascot for Sports Teams…Werewolf far Less Popular

When a sports team chooses a mascot, often they try to pick something that embodies the spirit of the team – a creature or an animal that is strong, respectable, and honorable – bears, mustangs, hawks and bulls are all examples of typical mascots which exemplify these traits, and thus are fairly often chosen as mascots.

One of the most common mascots however, which sports teams choose over and over again to represent their team is the wolf! Not only do wolves represent the strength, honor, and respect that most teams strive for, but they also epitomize cherished qualities every team hopes they possess – for example a competitive spirit, keen intelligence, strong will, and a powerful energy.

For this reason, over and over again, the wolf is the chosen mascot or team name in sports and universities…

For example, you’ll find:

  • Minnesota Timberwolves – National Basketball
  • Warrington Wolves – Rugby League Football Club (Warrington, England)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (National Football League) – K.C. Wolf
  • Nevada Wolf Pack – University of Nevada
  • Loyola Wolfpack – Loyola University
  • Loyola-Chicago Ramblers – mascot is Lou Wolf
  • University of New Mexico – mascot is Lobo Louie
  • North Carolina State Wolfpack – Mr. & Mrs. Wuf
  • Wright State University – mascot is a wolf since 1997
  • Indiana University East – red wolf mascot named Rufus
  • Northern State University – official mascot is Thunder the Wolf
  • North Carolina State Wolfpack – they’re named the wolfpack, but the mascot is a dog!
  • Stony Brook University – Wolfie (the mascot)
  • University of West Georgia – Wolfie (mascot)
  • Arkansas State University Red Wolves – Arkansas State University

And the list goes on and on….

There was however, at least one sports team that found a creature even better than a wolf to represent them – a creature that possesses all the characteristics of the wolf combined with that of the human – the werewolf!

The team was called The London Werewolves – a Frontier League Baseball team from London, Ontario, Canada.



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