Wolfcop Movie Premiere in Canada

half wolf half cop wolfcop movie posterYes, you read that right WOLFCOP – “Half Wolf all Wolfcop” – is a new werewolf indie horror/comedy movie that just released in Canada yesterday June 6, 2014, and will release worldwide September 2014.

The movie is about an alcoholic policeman named Lou Garou who manages through a satanic ritual to become “cursed” into becoming a werewolf. One of the things about the movie that has fans lining up and critics liking it is that the movie does not rely upon CGI the way most/many werewolf movies now tend to do….rather, the director and producer have gone old-school and used more makeup and costumes than CGI…the result? A line at the premiere and sold out showings. The movie has had alot of hype from local followers, and thanks to that there is already a WolfCop 2 in the works!

Here’s the trailer…



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