Wolfman Movie Review

Should you see the Wolfman movie?  Well, there’s been alot of discussion as to whether or not the Wolfman accurately portrays werewolves (the whole evil vs. good dilemma), but after watching it, I’d have to say that no matter which side of the debate you’re on – go see it!  You’ll really like this movie!

The movie brings werewolves out of obscurity, and into the spotlight…and it does so with respect, not in a comical way.  You see the strength and power of the werewolf, and also his human side as he struggles with the internal battle he goes through trying to control his other half.  Be forewarned however, the movie does take the “evil” side of the debate, and  when the wolfman transforms, there is nothing but chaos and destruction in his wake. And they do not hold back in the visuals – have you ever wondered how strong a werewolf can be?  Just wait.  The movie is Rated R for good reason.

For those of you that are interested in the human to werewolf transformation, the movie has two great scenes where you can see alot of the transformation happen.  One towards the beginning of the movie, and one in the second part of the movie. The transformations are depicted as horribly painful and inescapable.

As for the rest, the whole movie has a pretty dark feel to it – the setting, the time, and the place all match and go well with each other, giving the whole movie a feeling of tension and expectation.  But you won’t be focused on that for too long, because the movie is about a werewolf, and it gets straight into it.  And when the wolfman appears, you feel something of the feel of an old horror movie – especially when you see the shots of the wolfman’s classic frame, towering in the woods with arms slightly bent and claws out.

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Benicio Del Toro, the actor that plays the Wolfman, actually has a poster of the Wolfman on his wall at home. He apparently is a huge fan of classic monster movies, and was at the helm to bring the Wolfman back onto the big screen.  I love that an actor that really respects the part plays the werewolf, it makes the movie so much better knowing that the actor loves werewolves as much as the fans watching!

Take a closer look at the Wolfman’s hands and take a look at a Wolfman teeth examination.



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  1. Danny says:

    I saw it last night and I was pleased by the performances. I thought the second part of the movie relied too much on the effects and the, uh, ‘fight scene’ was a little too ‘CGI cliched’ and over the top for me. I gave it 3 stars on movietickets.com…4 for the first half and 2 for the second half.

  2. Aconissa says:

    The new wolfman is the BEST MOVIE EVER in my opinion. I absolutely love it. I went to watch it twice, and now I have the dvd :O The acting is brilliant, and the setting is great too!

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