Wolfman teeth examination

A Closer examination of The Wolfman’s teeth.

I want to show you a closer look at how The Wolfman compares to human and actual wolves- through the dental work.

What I want to point out is that when comparing the movies werewolf (The Wolfman) against human teeth they do not match up, and there is good reason for that.

Humans are among the animals that have a distinctive 2-1-2-3 dental pattern. If you take a closer look at The Wolfman’s teeth he does not have the human dentition formula in the mouth. Rather he has the dental formula the same as Canis Lupis, better know as the wolf which is 3-1-4-2.

(Click image for a closer look)

The Wolfman's teeth examination

The Wolfman's teeth examination

This brings up two points or questions that I would like to make about the this analysis of a werewolf’s dentition.

1. When a human transforms into a werewolf does that human that is shifting keep his human teeth, which just possible become stronger and or grow larger. Or, does the human that shifts into a werewolf “grow” the extra teeth needed (a wolf’s dentition) to make up for the teeth the human did not have until he transformed into the werewolf. Wolves definitely have more teeth, the total number being 42; on the other hand humans have only 32 teeth. This means that if the human transforming into a werewolf actually “grows” a set of wolf teeth there would be 10 extra teeth coming in! These same 10 extra teeth would then reverse process when the transformation is over and the werewolf becomes human again. Think about it.

2. The second comment I would like to make is to the werewolf fans of all kinds. Fans that participate in the werewolf community in some sort of way, including those that are involved in making werewolf movies. In particular I want to point out that this one detail (the teeth examination) about The Wolfman movie calls for some respect from the werewolf community towards those who participated in making this werewolf film, because whether the makers know it or not these details that they research so that they “get right” for the movie is in a way paying respect to the wolf and werewolf fans.

(Take a closer look at the movie Wolfman hands)

The true spirit of werewolves seemed to have been involved in the making of the movie. They took the time to cover at least one detail (that we know of) that shows the werewolf community that the filmmakers did spend some time carefully thinking out minor details in the film. Some details that may even go unnoticed, in their own way some respect for the art of werewolves and to the werewolf community was expressed in the details of the film. I am not for or against this film, I am merely saying that when you do go and see the werewolf film know that there might actually have been some people involved making this film that really cared about werewolves and the werewolf fans.



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