Wolves Becoming Human

Werewolves as we all know are humans that transform. But what if you had the reverse situation? A wolf that transformed into a human? What would such a creature be called? Would that type of creature be able to survive in the human world? And would that even be possible?

Transformation possible?
There are creatures that transform into other creatures, so while we do not know that animals that transform into humans exist, the idea is actually not too very far fetched. At a most basic level, look at the butterfly. It is a caterpillar that has little color, many legs, and no wings. Then, it will morph into a completely different creature that flies. Also, what about animals that can change their gender? Sound far fetched? Well, the Northern Shrimp, and some types of fish are able to do just that – and that is a type of transformation. What about color transformations? Some animals are able to do just that – change their color. Sounds weird when you say it, but animals can do it – look at the chameleon, some species of frog, and the seahorse. These are all different types of transformations that at first thought you might think impossible, but actually do exist in nature.

So, what if there was a wolf out there that transformed into a human, could this creature cope with being human? It’s doubtful. The animal way of life is so different from that of humans, that a wolf that transformed into a human would have a very hard time assimilating. How would he deal with the culture of humans? The language? And…probably the most difficult part – the technology? Maybe hundreds of years ago, before humans became so advanced, the creature would be able to survive as human, but humans are removing themselves more and more from the natural world. In today’s society it would be very difficult. A wolf would have no idea what to do with a car, a remote, a computer, or even money.



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8 Responses

  1. Sounds a bit like the Red Talons from WtA.
    Examples in anime? The Jouga Wolves, and Horo, from Spice and Wolf.
    Interesting question though.

  2. I agree with this but even as those who have awakened their inner animals, as a wolf it seems to be difficult to cope with these things even though I was raised human and unawakened for 20 years. Although at the same time we are adaptable in general so it might be hard at first but we can learn.

  3. hehe says:

    i agree.
    hes still sleeping even now and he does not like anyone so he put in charge ehhe which is kinda awesome in many ways if ya know what i mean which i hope you wouldn’t 😉

  4. hehe says:

    he put me in charge*

  5. Jeffrey Witt says:

    Werewolfisum is the sicknessof the Mind!

  6. Ohanzeee says:

    How is everyone today

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