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We are trying to get an accurate count of the vampire, werewolf, and zombie population throughout the world!! If you want to be counted, please select whatever you are (werewolf, zombie, or vampire) and click on the appropriate button below. You will be added to the population count once you identify yourself! Please vote only once!!

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2,638 Responses

  1. Alpine says:

    Does anyone want to join my pack? The pack is called Mountain Talons and is completely real. If you are interested, my wolf name is Alpine, and my pack meets in the wet forests of North America.

  2. Ghost says:

    To ask wat e the signs tht u r a werewolf???

  3. Andrea says:

    Im a human lol interested in folklore

  4. Rikki says:

    Well as long as your a werewolf like me I’m in.

  5. I would like know all can about werewolf’s, I saw my lover turn in to one, true story

  6. Taneisha says:

    Hello I am obsessed with werewolves, and I would LOVE to become one, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to become one, and if there are any alphas that you know that are willing to help me. Thanks heaps

    (Ps: would really appreciate your help and would do anything to become a werewolf)

    • Well i can bite you if you like i can begentle

    • Alpine says:

      @ Taneisha
      Well it’s not as simple as one may think. Usually it has to do with genetics. However, there are certain herbs that have been proven to induce the effects of lycanthropy. Biting won’t work. Full moons may induce the drive to become a werewolf, but it won’t guarantee your transformation.

    • kid says:

      is this real or roleplay

  7. Alpine says:

    Btw guys for anyone wondering why I changed my name, I had an account from a couple of years ago w/ this name and I don’t wanna be confusing. Honestly I had completely forgotten about it. Anyways, should I change my name AGAIN or no?

    • Lupe says:

      @Alpine: It’s fine. I mostly agree with what you said up until the herbs. Maybe the specific chemicals can affect you to the point where you feel like you’re a werewolf (almost like getting high in a sense)? Not sure.. please explain these herbs.

      Also, genetics COULD play a part in being a werewolf, as some can have an easier time transforming than others (as some can have more ability to understand maps than others, it’s mainly in the mind) – and one can try to train a family where it’s easier to transform through genetic testing and engineering, but it’s *slightly* different than that. It can be something reoccurring in families here and there I suppose, but it could also be something that just appears and develops, such as *gasp* Clinical Lycanthropy. But it all depends on the way it develops and how you’re able to “transform” per say. I highly doubt that something such as physical transformation is possible, but that’s just me. Even so, that doesn’t mean it can’t exist. As for mentally transforming (aka mental shifting) it is less genetic and more psychological.

  8. Fggrrffhjmnhj says:

    Easy way for a scientific, any1 with a lab can do it just use C.I.S.P.E.R

  9. Isabel says:

    can u transform into a werewolf by wereing a moon stone neaklass?

  10. Isabel says:

    does a werewolf need a moonstone neck lass im 10 years old so i don’t now what to do with my self.

  11. Isabel says:

    im 10 years old so i don’t now what to do with my self.

  12. Isabel says:

    i’m 10 so i’m still getting yuest to it and it ‘s hard to ceap it a secret from my friends

  13. Isabel says:

    can any one help me and give me idvace

  14. Isabel says:

    pleaaaase help me !!!!

  15. Isabel says:

    someone anyone gust HELP!!!

  16. Shadow says:

    Hi Isabel

  17. moonie says:

    I have managed to make a spell that could transform the caster into a fully-fledged werewolf without all of the painful years of changing
    message me back if interested

  18. faolan says:

    Hi, my name is Faolan Iḿ a Primordial Werewolf, my father’s name is Starrk the strongest werewolf.

  19. Starya C. says:

    Hi, do you know of any packs or lone werewolves in Romania? i would love to join them and even become one of them

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