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  1. Ariq says:

    Hello My name is Ariq im from Indonesia, Anyone know how i to do shifting to my wolf?, i just can talk with my wolf only and my Age is 18 years Old

  2. moonie says:

    I just shifted today and I couldn’t move after 4 seconds
    I’m never shifting again

  3. Norah says:

    My brothers an werewolf he said i might be one and he told me that an hour ago so…….i might be a werewolf and I don’t know any more between what is the truth and a lie

  4. naomi says:

    @Luna you are, werewolves can be half hybrid and half werewolf could you help me answer a couple questions?

  5. TRISTAN BUCK says:

    how do i turn an to the werewolf?

  6. TRISTAN BUCK says:

    not to bad how about

  7. TRISTAN BUCK says:

    do you want to talk on on the the google meet

  8. wolf says:

    hi im a new werewolfso uh hi guys!

  9. wolf says:

    can someone help me find a pack ?

  10. wolf says:

    is there anyone here

  11. TRISTAN WOLF says:

    yes i’m here

  12. lune biryuk-vir says:

    im a newfound werewolf and i need to find a pack in homewood, alabama.

  13. lune biryuk-vir says:

    i want a werewolf friend. i have currently no friends that are werewolves.

  14. TRISTAN BUCK says:

    i can be you friend.

  15. TRISAN BUCK says:

    hey i need someone help i need a wolf girl/ friend i’m from Springfield OHIO on new carlisle

  16. Spencer says:

    Please, don’t give out your personal information. It’s stupid and unnecessary. For future reference, don’t do that.

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