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  1. Amanda says:

    I may be a werewolf. I haven’t had a transformation yet, but I LOVE raw meat and all meat. My arms are more hairy than anyone at my school. I love the moon and I get a weird feeling in my arms when I see it. My favorite animal is wolf and dogs. I used to play like a wolf with my sister. All the quizzes I took said I was a werewolf. I have always had a thing for blood…

  2. Lycanhope says:

    @Amanda: Sorry, most likely you’re not.

  3. Tia says:

    The stuff, that I used to write on here. D: And I’m still here. -_- I have no idea, why I like this site so much. :/

  4. wolfgirl says:

    WEREWOLVES-majestic and noble creatures found normally in north and south america,thus prove that that there are many numbers of werewolves out there.

  5. Erika says:

    Everyone that i know thinks werewolves are these raging evil monsters but but we are not we have a life we are not monsters we dedicated our lives to our packs we would do anything to protect our pack we are strong and loyal we are wolves

  6. ArgharnaWeylyn says:

    @Amanda: those could be interesting signs

  7. Roguewolf says:

    ok this may sound weird but I can’t control myself I when I transform last week I woke up in a meat shop thinking what the hell am I doing here if there’s anyone who can help please contact me

  8. Emma says:

    Something that maybe could try is to eat a ton of meat before the transformation then lock yourself in your room and lock windows and hopefully you won’t be waking up in a meat shop

  9. Bella says:

    Hello there

  10. Petesmurf says:

    i dont rember anything about my wolf life.

  11. Petesmurf says:

    it kinda scares me.

  12. Petesmurf says:

    who here remembers getting bitten?

  13. Petesmurf says:

    Im a girl btw

  14. Moon&Mars says:

    Ughh, I need my mate. My family isn’t one of me, I have no pack I only know two others and the one male isn’t my mate. It’s horrible, I might never find him and it’s so.. Ughh.

  15. Samme says:

    im a werewolf im also an alpha anyone need a pack or help just ask

    • DosentMater says:

      Were you born a werewolf or became one? Or maybe do you know how to become one?

    • Alishurr says:

      Hello! I just need help I know the only way to be a werewolf is to be born a werewolf and I just need to ask a question. What age do you shift? I’m 11 and was born and raised a human at least that’s what my mom and dad say and I really want to know if I’m a were 🙁

  16. sarah/tala says:

    i’m not to suprised how many there are in america

  17. Loki says:

    How can you know i you’re a ‘natural’ Alpha? Because a few of my friends who said they smelled I was a werewolf too told me to take that position in the ‘pack’ because I didnt get bitten in order to become a ww. Now, I dont know if they’re legit (although I dont know how else they couldnt have known of my other self) because Lycanhope said it doesnt work that way and if there is someone who can know that kinda things…’course it could be that there are more kinds of werewolves, one kind who can changes others and one kind who cant. Does that seem plausible? Anyway, I wanna know if I could be a good Alpha or not, or rather if there ways to see if you can be a good alpha.

  18. Grayon says:

    Hey! Kinda new to shifting… Like very few(prob),I can do it at will!its cool!

  19. Alpha says:

    Ok people clearly pretending to be a werewolf. You dont get bitten, you are born like this, we dont loose control, we are compleatly in control of everything and we usually remember our transformations. And this part is really annoying, listen close, okay, You can only become a werewolf if you are born that way, if you are scrached or bitten by a wolf or werewolf you will NOT become a werewolf. This is a site for real werewolves to have a place to talk among each otherand non werewolves to learn more about our kind, not for fakes to pretend to be something that they are not. It is very clear to us when someone is pretending so stop, okay. And with the whole pack thing,the alpha is the one who is rhe strongest, fastest, bravest, good at hunting,and is a good leader. However packs are hard to find so that is why these sites exist, we dont survive on our own, this is the closest most of us get to having a pack so if you pretenders could just stop, that would be fantastic.

    • Lycanhope says:

      Well actually, this is just a fan site for people that think werewolves are cool. There’s nothing stopping people from pretending to be werewolves, I just enjoy pointing out the fakes because I’m a terrible person with too much time on my hands.

    • Alishurr says:

      Hello! I just wanted to say that I LOVE werewolf a and wanna ask how old are you when you shift? And if you are a werewolf are you born in a pack? Plz answer! Thanks

  20. Alpha says:

    Listen lycanhope, there is only one way to become a werewolf, birth. He knows what he is talking about.

  21. Alpha says:

    Alishurr, there is no specific age that you transform, no you are notborn into a pack just cause your a werewolf dosnt make your family one, packs are actually hard to come by. Oh and. Im am 15, i personally first transformed when at was 13, 2 years ago, out of extream anger. I have always been hot tempered.

  22. Alpha says:

    But no one got hurt. I left when i felt it coming on, the first time hurts, and yes we can control ourselves 100%

  23. Alpha says:

    Plz email me with any further questions

  24. Lycanhope says:

    …I REALLY don’t want to touch this one, because up till now you haven’t really said anything wrong and you’ve been mostly polite and intelligent, which is a refreshing change, buuuut have to correct a couple of things.

    First anger physical shapeshifting, to the best of my knowledge not a thing. Now, when you’re more emotional and therefore less in control of yourself, for some people yes that can cause you to move more into your animal’s mindset, and I can technically see how that would then but you in a better position for shifting, but it’s not really caused by the anger per se. It’s a minor difference, but reasonably important.
    Things like that don’t just happen unintentionally. Think for example how silly it would sound if someone said “I got really sad, and I just made a Monet painting.” Takes conscious effort if you know what I mean, it doesn’t just “happen.”

    Also when it comes to pain, there shouldn’t be any. That’s your body’s way of saying “Nope, not ready for this.” It tends to know what it’s talking about.

    Apart from those though, spot on.

  25. Alpha says:

    So what you are saying is that i wanted the transformation to happen even without knowing it and my body was saying that it wasnt strong enough yet?

    • Lycanhope says:

      Well, your brain is basically telling your body “You see all this human? Yeah, this is wrong. You need to fix this.” So if your mind isn’t convincing enough, your body’s going to reject it. When was the last time you felt pain and thought “Wow, this is working as intended!” Pain = something’s not right.

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