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  1. Alpha says:

    Alright so i think i understand what happend now. Thank you

  2. Sierra Hunter says:

    I am a wolf shape shifter. My first shift was when I was 12. I am now 13 . I’m currently looking for a pack, if you have one please let me know.

    • Ashley says:

      Can you tell me of your first shift? Please… I an somewhat of a lost wolf…

    • Lucas says:

      Huh? Okay, download an app called ‘Kik’.
      Create an account and search for a name called ‘XxIdKnUXx’.

    • John Wolf says:

      I’m in Maine USA please find me in Sanford I will tell you I’m in here because I trust too much so meet me at the rec AKA springvale park.!.

  3. Alpha says:

    There are only a few real packs in the world, if a pack dose get started it usually falls apart really quickly. Most werewolves cant even transform. If you ask for a pack on any site you will get a lot of responses, most will sound like this “i am the alpha of my pack, you can join mine”. Almost all of the responses you get will be fake.

  4. Ashley says:

    I just desperately need to learn…. please if anyone has help in understanding the wolf blood inside and how to breath into it more life and understanding…. Please, message me or email…. I am lost and I need answers.

  5. Alpha says:

    Not all werewolves transform also why are you talking like that? It really says to us that ur lieing because of how hard your trying

  6. elizabeth hyme says:

    plz help me i phazed for my first time i was on a camping trip plz help me i need to know more about this

  7. RedFox says:

    oh this is sad. Werewolves do not exist, if they did, every atom in your body would collapse and have to change, and then you would die, and do i have to remind you that their bones are different? you can have a past life as a wolf, sure, i was a horse once, but their is no physical or mental way you can be a werewolf. Scientist’s have even tried to test all this and guess what? THEY DON’T EXIST! 😀 so you can go get a life now kiddo’s

    • Lycanhope says:

      Physical laws say no, yes that’s true. Though nature has done much weirder things, so I’m promoting it to improbable personally, but that’s just my opinion. Not sure why you said mental can’t happen though, because that’s well documented, and doesn’t involve exploding atoms at all.

      Also, what scientific tests? Citation thanks, because I can’t think of a reason why a scientist would bother to test for anything in this field, let alone find someone to test in the first place.

    • tatum says:

      please stop being a cunt

    • tatum says:

      we are what we are red fox so… shut your pie hole

    • Lucas says:

      Stfu, and get out of this website. If you don’t believe in Supernaturals.

    • JoeLupe says:

      Not meaning to argue or anything; I also think your argument makes somewhat sense; but I would like to ask you something. If you are so confident that they don’t exist, then where did the general idea of a werewolf come from? People say in Greek Mythology that Zues cursed Lycaon into becoming a werewolf. But thinking about it, Greeks used mythology to explain life things. They were explaining where werewolves come from. So if the general idea appeared in the first place, there had to have been physical evidence to prove they exist. Look around the world. You see many countries with all the same idea: Lycanthropy. Many different continents. Even in Native American culture, they had similar things, and at the time, were geographically isolated. Explain that, o smart one!

    • JoeLupe says:

      To add to my comment, RedFox, you said we have scientifically tested it to be inaccurate. However, think about what you said. Sure, I know that Russians tested on this stuff, but just because the term (homosapien) means “wise human” doesn’t mean we don’t know everything about the universe. You made an assumption based on (some) facts that werewolves do not exist, and I can respect that. But instead of listening to all the propaganda that they don’t exist, try doing the research like I am still doing, and you will see some pieces actually being put together. Also for P-shifting, or what I call multi-metamorphosis, what if you already had the atoms in your body to begin with and the DNA which could be passed through some virus-like thing or through genetics of parents? To learn more about the hidden proof in a Labyrinth of lies, Research Biology, Biochemistry, History of Lycanthropy, and various websites that claim they are the real thing. The one thing they say the most, or pops up seemingly in all websites are most likely something that werewolves actually have. The thing I like about this website is that they say they don’t know everything, and they are still learning about werewolves and ideas similar. Also, sorry for really long comments, when someone tries to argue that werewolves don’t exist, I get all fired up. Please don’t yell at me about spam, I was trying to get my point across. Have a good day everyone! 🙂

    • Jordan says:

      Redfox science isn’t the only thing that proves stuff BTW humans were stupid cavemen once and we werewolves try to prove we are real but scientists don’t believe it the government CANT know or else they will think us as a the at,and war will happen I’m intelligent for a nine year old BTW I shifted once,you don’t break bones you grow hair,sharpen teeth,and grow a tail.it actually doent hurt at all dry for long stuff

    • WeebWerewolf says:

      That’s mean. We do exist! Sometimes scientists are wrong. They don’t have the right to deny the existence of a species.

  8. Alpha says:

    RedFox, shut the fuçk up, this is a site about werewolves, if you dont belive then get the fuçk off. We do exist, like it or not. Where is your proof that we dont exist? Thats what i thought. Just shut the fuçk up and leave.

  9. ArgentineBlood says:

    @Ashley You might get a lot of information, however most of it is false. The most important thing to learn is; Shifting hurts, A LOT, no matter how much experience you have. Even if some werewolves can shift from wolf form to human form and viceversa, they only use it as a ‘run away’ last resource.

  10. Evaluna says:

    to me i can shift whenever i want Lol!

    • Colonel.Johnathan Robert Wolf(USMC) says:

      I hide my ears and tail, people would freak out if I were to show them, I may not like them but I am nice to them, which I’m pretty sure you and Joe know all too well, I GTG, damn school, also I can easily hide my stuff, XD I’m late before school even starts!

  11. Evaluna says:

    Lol! i know and im alive we had a tornado drill because we are supposed to have one during 4th block or so and if thats the case im going to be fine 😀

  12. Lily jane says:

    hello guys

  13. Evaluna says:

    @Lily hello mi amiga 😀

  14. Luna says:

    Hi im a wolf i can shift my non human mother is a wolf and so is my sister ive been in so much pain i feel my bones shifting

  15. JoeLupe says:

    Wow quite a display to seem like a werewolf lol but tbh if you were a werewolf then you would know that a werewolf isn’t actually a species.. lol in fact the kind your portraying doesn’t exist ^.^ but hey, it’s your decision if you want to just roleplay or lie to us, I don’t care, just know that there are a few (as myself) who are actually legitimate.

  16. Moon Wolf says:

    Hi, I’m a wolf in Chicago, but I’ve been having these fantasies about running through the woods, it’s driving me mad!

  17. Kesha says:

    I am a wolf shape shifter. i just shape shift when i was 18 and i just found my mate today

  18. Lia says:

    hi, erm this feels weird but i sort of partially but not really shifted or whatever it is called and i’m really confused, i don’t really understand and i don’t have anyone to help me out so i guess i’m asking for help??

    • Lupe says:


      @Lia: I am not certain what you need help on, but I can take guesses.

      1: Confused person looking for how or why you only partially shifted. It’s not an abnormal thing, that is for werecreatures. It’s like the ability to roll your tongue like one does in Spanish. Some can fully “shift,” whereas others only partially “shift.”

      2: You are wondering why you only partially did so. If so, then that is likely due to that stated above.

      3: You are looking for help on how to fully “shift.” If so, look no further. All it takes is a lot of practice! Meditation helps too.

      4: Specifically, you are wondering why you did so. If so, an answer would be either you have grown dillusional (likely), or you have truly “partially shifted,” and are what can be considered a werecreature. At that point, I would not fantasize attempting a full p-shift, try what you have the actual capability to do instead.

      5: A reason I do not like, but might be a possibility. Hint: this reason statistically almost everyone would disagree with is the case, but this does not mean it’s not the case. Reason being, that you would be a fake, or roleplayer, therefore I would say follow your gut and go with whatever you think is right, but don’t count on my full belief.

      5.5: The reason for 5 is that there are many who do that stuff on this site.

  19. Alexis says:

    Can anyone make me into a werewolf? I’m obsessed with being one and I really love the idea of having a mate and shifting. I am from Asia, Philippines to be exact and I also want to join a pack

    • Lupe says:

      First, close your eyes. Then clear your head. Ask yourself constantly, “why wolf?” Every time your head begins to feel trouble, clear it again and keep asking. Try to answer it, but keep your answer truthful. Know that the truth isn’t always what you originally feel you want, but is deeper and can be solved by many many other things.

      Then, make sure to keep going deeper until you reach the center point of your problem. Once you get there, solve it. Trust me, you do not wish to go down this route, it will eat you alive.

  20. Michael says:

    Thanks for the advise lupe

  21. Malakhi J Moore says:

    I need learning how to shift

  22. Malakhi J Moore says:

    And i need an alpha a true alpha

    • Lupe says:

      You’ll never find a “true alpha” if you keep searching. All you’ll find is “everyone is self governed.” I suggest researching therian websites describing the shifting process.

  23. I was turned into a werewolf by my friend evalen*don’t know how spell her name* i was a 7 year old and 4 years later and here we are

  24. I live with my mom dad and sometimes my two sisters /there in college

  25. WeebWerewolf says:

    So I’m kind of young and haven’t shifted yet. I was wondering what the average age for shifting is? Or is it different for everyone? I’m a lost wolf when it comes to shifting.

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