Zombie Hitler

Was Hitler a zombie!?!? (And by zombie, yes, I mean face with exposed skull, teeth, and jawbone showing through thin flesh…)

Well, thanks to Operation Cornflakes, he was. On a stamp that is!

zombie hitler stamp

zombie hitler stamp

This stamp – which is real! – was issued during a World War II mission called Operation Cornflakes.  Operation Cornflake’s goal was to secretly undermine the Nazis by distributing anti-Nazi propaganda. The idea was that to create a Zombie Hitler postage stamp that resembled actual stamps from the time. The hope was that the resemblance was so good that the German mail service would not notice the difference, and they would deliver the mail. The citizens would then get the mail with the anti-Nazi propaganda.

Would you notice if you had a stamp with a zombie on it?  From a distance, if you just take a quick look at it, you really might not notice!  Especially if the stamp resembled an actual stamp that was in circulation exactly except for the face.

You know, even if zombies took over the world and there was an actual zombie apocalypse, they would never put their faces on stamps.  They’re just not organized or smart enough to get that kind of thing underway.  Could the werewolf stamp however be purposely planned by werewolves?



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6 Responses

  1. Velix Hollow says:

    Nope,werewolves wouldn’t bother

  2. lonewolf123 says:

    no, its just fanboys 😀

  3. she wolf says:

    I was actually making a mail to my friend and I made my own stamp and the stamp is a werewolf wearing a tuxedo.

  4. nightwolf says:

    lol this explains nazi zombies…and i would defenetally buy a werewolf stamp

  5. I know me and my friends are werewolves we need help they have vamps living down the street from us.

    P.S. we need werewolves
    there are 3of us and I’m 12+ my friends 11,12,16.

  6. Lycanhope says:

    @Kevin Condell Lafrance: Even if there are vampires down the street (which is unlikely, I’m lead to believe that vampires aren’t very common), they don’t pose a threat. They’re just people. Don’t believe everything you read or watch.

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