Zombie Jokes

Today just feel like a day for laughing. So, here are 10 zombie jokes to start your day off right!

Zombie jokes!

1.  Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
No, they eat their fingers separately!

2.  Why did the zombie go to the hospital?
He wanted to learn a few sick jokes!

3.  Why did the zombie lose the lawsuit?
He had no leg to stand on!

4. The baby zombie asks her mother “Mommy, do I have daddy’s eyes?” The mother says “Yes you do honey! Now eat them before they get cold!”

5. What’s a zombie’s favorite shampoo?
Head and shoulders!

6. What do you do if there’s a zombie coming towards you?
Hope it’s halloween!

7. What did one zombie say to the other zombie when they were eating a comedien?
This tastes funny!

8. What streets do zombies like best?
Dead Ends!

9. What did the vegeterian say when turned into a zombie?

10. What did the zombie eat after its teeth were pulled out?
The dentist!

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7 Responses

  1. zman says:

    These are corny and hilarious. What did the vegeterian say when turned into a zombie? Graaiiiinnnnss!! GRAAAAAAAIIIIIINNNNS!!!


  2. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:


  3. Ben Chris+ says:

    These are pretty great.

  4. Shayne McCreadie says:

    What does zombie-Mozart do for a living?
    He decomposes.

  5. I, Zombie says:

    How do you toast a zombie? Don’t bother it wouldn’t appreciate it.

  1. October 26, 2011

    […] more laughs?  Here are some  Zombie Jokes and Vampire […]

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