Zombies are weak

Zombies are weak.  Zombies are weak physically and mentally… much, much more than any vampire or werewolf could ever be.  Their weakness stems from their single-minded desire for one thing and one thing only – brains, blood, flesh…

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s commendable that zombies have a goal, and that they commit themselves to achieving that goal each and every day. Zombies are self-motivators.  They never give up.  In the face of the impossible, the insurmountable, even in the face of death they will go on, unwavering in their desire to achieve their goal.  But, the problem is that even though Zombies are committed to their dream they are entirely one-dimensional in their quest for their desire.

Zombies have one layer, one thought, one reaction for every action, they are on a one way road  down a path that will only get them to one place without ever changing course.  And even though this road will take them down the road of their dreams they have no idea what else is out there because they lack the desire to experience anything else.  The path they follow may be a path to their goal, but it is also a path to their destruction….because what happens once they achieve their dream?  They’re not satisified.  They want more.  But more  of that one thing.  Their one-dimensionalism makes them predictable.  You know what they want.  They know what they want.  Their want, their need never changes.  How do you defeat a zombie?  Predict their behavior.  It’s always the same.  Their desire is their weakness. Their single-mindedness is their downfall.  And so, Zombies are weak.

Imagine a zombie that could think beyond the desire that overwhelms their mind?  Such a zombie would be able to learn and experience things.  Such a zombie would not be stuck on the path to nowhere.  Such a zombie might be dangerous.



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2 Responses

  1. Greyr says:

    hmmm… a zombie… either a decayed being from the movies or the ones who has no will and do w/e stupid XD

  2. Lunar says:

    Their existance pretty much sucks for them

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